Happy birthday baby!

to my dream man. the one guy that I'd leave SO, cats, house to follow if given a chance.  
Lyle Lovett

we have a very uneven relationship:  I'm crazy about him, he doesn't know I exist. but I can live with this.  it all began many many many years ago, back in the age of the dinosaurs around the early 1990s. I was in college at the time, and one night, flipping through the channels, came across The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (I told you it was a looooong time ago) at about the time the musical guest, one Lyle Lovett, took the stage. I watched the set and the next day went out and got the three CDs Lyle (it's OK; I can call him Lyle) had released up to that point. lemme tell you: I actually wore out two of the CDs and had to repurchase them.  so was the beginning of a continuing saga of unrequited love which continues to this day.

I thank you kindly for listening (if you are still here). I shall leave you with some of the musical stylings of the Long Tall Texan, my baby (if he'd let me), Mr. Lyle Lovett.






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6 thoughts on “Happy birthday baby!

  1. I've always wanted to see him live – I don't even have any of his cds (horrible oversight on my part), but I've always liked his music. He's also a very interesting interview from what I've seen. The one song of his that I just ADORE is "If I had a boat." Wonderful musicianship and a sense of humour! I'm going to have to check him out.

  2. Is this when I can safely admit that I have a major crush on Rob Gifford from NPR? It started when he was in China and when he did his tour of the countryside, it was really over for me. THEN I decided to check him out on the web and he was as adorable as I could have hoped. Maybe it's the British accent combined with his sense of humor and intelligence. Okay, it's all of those things. Sigh. Why oh why aren't there any guys like him out here in the desert???
    Even the thought of looking up his email seems way to stalkerish for me, so I just sit by radio and wait for him to speak to me – and only me. Hee!
    Anyway, there's my unrequited love story. Now I kind of feel ashamed to admit it… But maybe if I post this on my own blog – since I'm so famous now – he'll be checking me out, read this pronouncement of my desire and fall in love with me instantaneously. Yeah. That would be great.
    Huh. I just wrote more here than I might have on my own space.

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