share and share alike

I am rather sick today. my allergies are officially "out of control". not only sinuses
and throat, but also a rash in my right arm, and to top it off, when I woke up this morning
my eyelids were so swollen I could barely open my eyes.  loverly.
                                                   thankfully there is a miracle remedy ———————–>
still, feel like crap.

here's a nifty video for your entertainment, found via  please note how they each wait politely for the other to finish eating before moving in for their share. 

please notice that the possum at the end decided to get himself a little carryout. reminds me of the "how big a fish can a cat carry?" video featured on  that used to be featured on CO which is "no longer available. 'tis a shame.

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5 thoughts on “share and share alike

  1. Something tells me this video doesn't happen in this lady's garage (not PP, but the lady PP links to) or else it would look like a Peckinpah flick. As for your puny drugs, I have antihistamines with codeine, bwahahahahah!!

  2. Mariser – sorry about your allergies. I can sympathize. But I'm with the Doc above – I have MUCH better prescription stuff…
    And I might be in the minority, but I think Opossum's are VERY cute animals. I think they are in the category "so ugly they are cute"…

  3. Sorry you are feeling poopy. I haven't been up to snuff this week either, but I don't think it's allergies. It's some funk.

  4. Sorry to hear about the crappy allergies. If it's not allergies, or colds around here it's sinus attacks…so, it's always some durn thing. :(Keep taking the drugs, better living thru chemistry!Cute possum! *waves bye to the little possum butt as it waggles away*

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