also applies to bunnehs

from the genii at xkcd:

found in a CO comment by gisbert.  mercy buckets

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28 thoughts on “also applies to bunnehs

  1. [this is bwah-ha-ha-ha]
    Oh yes. Yes, indeed. I represent that remark.

  2. OMG! Yes! tewtally applies to rabbits! i dare anyone to get within 10 feet of a bunneh without turning into a gibbering idiot. "Come heeeeere my little bunnalump! You're an egg-shaped furloaf oh yes you are! Aww, let mommy smoosh your floofysoft little bunfoots…"

  3. let's test this theory: go to CO right now and see how long you last before dissolving into gibberish and giggles ** I did.

  4. It's true!My adult daughter looks at me interracting with my Wembley from across the room, and I can SEE it in her eyes : " oh my god…I can't believe that's my MOTHER. . ."Maybe that's how they plan to eventually take over the world — they'll turn us all into a race of jello-brained blathering dolts!

  5. Hahahaha. I DID go to CO and spent a long time there. Now I am back! Great comic which is 100% true!!! It's twoo, it's twoo!

  6. anyone ever been to i can has cheezburger? there's likely lots of overlap, but they have lolcats with tags.

  7. Someday I am going to record my son, who is all about not doing "girl things," as he talks to Ham. "Oh, shyoo are the keee-yooo-test sthing, yesh you AH-er, oh yesh you AH-er…"
    And XKCD FTW, as they say. I'm a downright religious reader.

  8. If you were a fly on the wall at Casita Amy, you would hear: "How HOW is it that you are the most wonderful kittums in the whole wide world? Do you know you are the bestest kittums?" Meow "Yes, you knows it, you do. You knows you are the bestest most wonderfulest Mr. Wuv Wuv in the history of EVAR!" Squee! Kitty snorgle!!

  9. this point has been debated hotly in the Bunny Lounge…current usage tilts towards bunfoots. Mr. IG says no way to bunfeets. :-)

  10. Mariser, kevin and I not only have voices for each of our pets and also each stuffed animal that Tater has . If I talk like Felephant tater walks over and takes him out of the basket. If i talk like Gulliver, Tater smiles very cutely. if Kevin talks like Tater Gully runs in from the other room to hear what she has to say. We are all nuts. God Bless Us Everyone!

  11. Word. That comic has it spot on. (Funniest example must have been big, mean Hells Angels biker who got caught on camera by a national tv-station in Norway muttering sweet nothings to a little puppy-bet he had some explaining to to to his fellow bikers afterwards!) "Whosavofsie cuddly tiny puppyluppy, then?"

  12. I just had to come back and post again – this is great. Ever since I showed it to my Husband it's come up every.single.time. the cat has walked into the room. As soon as she does, I act all excited and shout "YOU'RE A KITTY!!" and Husband rolls his eyes while I smother the kitty.

  13. LOL! Pets add so much to our lives. They are just being who they are, without always realizing how much fun, happiness and joy the are providing.
    That's why I hold people who don't like animals suspect. *glances around room warily*

  14. I've become more self-conscious since mariser posted this. this doesn't stop me from squealing "you're a furbun. a FURBUN!" every time I see indy, i'm just a little more embarrassed about it.

  15. This cartoon turned my sister into a giggling pile of jelly for like 10 minutes.
    And thanks for the link to icanhascheezburger, that is hilarious.

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