check out the Gonzo-meter(tm)!

Slate is featuring the high-lay-rioos Gonzo-meter calculating the odds for the retirement * of Al Gonzalez, sycophant extraordinaire.
today's odds: 80%

* to spend more time with family, natch

clipped from
Deathwatch: Down and on the way out.

The Gonzo-MeterAl's team is breaking up, and he's sinking.

The Gonzo-Meter

Last week, Gonzales' DoJ team showed cracks when fired aide Kyle Sampson agreed to testify before Congress. Now the team is breaking into many icebergs. And they're beginning to ram into each other. Loyalty is gone, and even if no one directly implicates Gonzales in wrongdoing, the cumulative chaos may sink him. We're moving the meter to 80.

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5 thoughts on “check out the Gonzo-meter(tm)!

  1. This reminds me of a great line in an article from American Heritage magazine re: Andrew Jackson's cabinet. Of course, this is also relevant to our current administration.
    “… a talent-deficient assemblage composed in equal part of hacks and cronies.”

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