so your day sucks, eh? not as much as this guy’s day…


"Army Lt. Col. William H. Steele faces nine charges in all, including fraternizing with a
prisoner's daughter, storing and marking classified material, maintaining an inappropriate relationship
with an interpreter and possessing pornographic videos.

bad Lt. Col. Steele!  bad, bad, bad.  but what is interesting is that none of the above charges brings the possibility of the death penalty.  the one charge that can send the Lt. Col. to the gallows is:

"(allegedly) providing an unmonitored cell phone to detainees"

which falls under "aiding the enemy".    the charges come from  when "Steele was commander of the 451st Military Police Detachment at Camp Cropper on the western outskirts of Baghdad".  to refresh your memory, Camp Cropper is the high-tech detention center that was supposed to help us put the disgrace that was Abu Ghraib behind us. NOTE: teh Wiki page linked contains graphical descriptions of torture. you are forewarned.

read the article at the Guardian

and the Wonketters take on the story

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Living a lie for 28 years

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced  that their "dean of admissions, Marilee Jones, resigned today and admitted she had "misled the Institute about my academic credentials.""  Ms. Jones vita and resume stated she had "earned bachelor's and master's degrees in chemistry and biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). The registrar of RPI, Sharon Kunkel, said today that Jones attended the school but did not earn any degrees"

two salient points:  Ms. Jones 'misleading' statement happened on her original application for her first position at MIT in 1979.  she  "did not have the courage to correct my resume when I applied for my current job or at any time since."
second, Ms. Jones had been, since 1998, MIT's dean of admissions.  (!!!)

read the story here

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Today on Iraq war news – what the fuck

 the Idiot-in-Chief is to veto the war spending bill just passed by the Congress.  more here and here
from that last link comes today's instance of the "say what?" files:

"…the American people voted for change. But President Bush, in his brief statement on the
White House lawn, said they did not vote for failure.

whavevs, Georgie.  way to confuse the issue.  try it on your next employee evaluation:  "yes, boss person, last year we agreed there be changes in my performance.  but we did not agree to failure."    and watch your boss scratch his head.  hopefully this last enough time for you to make your escape.

also from the "where are they now?" files:

– remember heroic Pat Tillman?   Ranger who was with Tillman when he was killed alleges coverup

– remember heroic Jessica Lynch, "little girl Rambo"? Jessica Lynch criticizes Pentagon efforts to make her into a hero    from where we get today's instance of "fucking unbelievable. do these bastards have any shame?" files:

"Initial reports also suggested that Ms Lynch had been abused after she came round in the hospital. She said the reports were lies: she had been treated well and the Iraqis had tried to return her to US forces."The nurses tried to soothe me and return me," she told the hearing"

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Alberto Gonzalez death watch – update

the LA TImes has a summary and video highlights

Slate's "Gonzo-meter" has the odds of Al's retirement at 95%

and I have a new crush:  the Marine who kept track of each and every of the 57 times Al said "I don't recall"

of course, it helps that said Marine is yummy:

UPDATE:   the future-mr-mariser (just kidding, love!) has a name:   oh, Marine Corps Sgt. Adam Charles Kokesh won't you pleez be mine?

Sgt. Kokesh stopped by wonkette to tell his story and leave a trail of swooning fans.  go read.  he also provided a final count of AGAGs "I don't recalls" = 74

edit 04/24/2007 @1610:  added scary stalkery stuff (with linkys!)

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April 19, 1995 – Oklahoma City

oh my.  I almost forgot. 
…an entire day surrounded by media. radio, teevee, internets.  and somehow I failed to catch a single mention that today is the 12th anniversary of the bombing of the Fred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City

I remember that day. I remember it took hours to even begin to determine that what had happened was neither foreign terrorism nor a natural disaster but an act of native, homebred terrorism.

the horror of that day

the unimaginable scale:  169 dead.

there was a time when we swore to never forget images like this

has it really just been twelve years?   it feels so long ago…

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My Name Is Buddy

I'm ridiculously happy.  I just got my grabby hands on My Name Is Buddy, the latest record by Ry Cooder.   I'm still elated to find three things I'm passionate about:  (1) American Roots Music, (2) the history and tales of the Depression, the labor movement, Joe Hill, Woody Guthrie, trains, and hobos (3) big yeller cats. 
all together in one perfect, beautiful little package.

here are a few songs:

here are some pictures:

and couldn't end without posting photographic evidence of the meeting on the two big yeller cats.  Steve did not seem to be as impressed with Buddy as I am.


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