My Name Is Buddy

I'm ridiculously happy.  I just got my grabby hands on My Name Is Buddy, the latest record by Ry Cooder.   I'm still elated to find three things I'm passionate about:  (1) American Roots Music, (2) the history and tales of the Depression, the labor movement, Joe Hill, Woody Guthrie, trains, and hobos (3) big yeller cats. 
all together in one perfect, beautiful little package.

here are a few songs:

here are some pictures:

and couldn't end without posting photographic evidence of the meeting on the two big yeller cats.  Steve did not seem to be as impressed with Buddy as I am.


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3 thoughts on “My Name Is Buddy

  1. Steven E. is just sore 'cause he remembers Buddy from that scuffle back in Tulsa, that's all. Have you read Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman? He's also obsessed by hobos – it's quite amusing.

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