w00t w00t! get yer joost invites here!!

heya neighbors!
do you know what joost is?  I didn't 'til yesterday when someone sent me an invite.

apparently joost is this tewtally cool, revolutionizing web 2.0 thingie that allows the distribution of TV shows over the web via a peer-to-peer (PtP) network.  from teh wiki

and to make it even coolerer, joost is like, by invite only.  kinda like VOX was before they opened to the masses.

anyways, with joost after downloading and installing the client, you can watch TV shows on your PC (I think).  website is all sorts of mysterious.   so I got me some invites.  part of the mysteriousness is I don't know how many invites I got…

so, if you want an invite, shoot me a PM with the email address you want the invite sent to.  first come first serve. again, I don't know how many invites I have.  I'll update this post when I run out.

NOTE:  I'm doing several other things right now, so it may be a while before you get your invite…please don't fret.  besides, it's Friday night and you are going out partying, right?

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13 thoughts on “w00t w00t! get yer joost invites here!!

  1. I've tried Veoh, e2c, but it didn't seem to have anything I wanted. like you say, "them" are watching…I haven't spent hardly anytime on joost, but I figure I'd pass the invites to the hoodies who want them. funny fact: the first channel I came across in joost is one from aardman animation. no Wallace & Gromit, but a few cute shorts.

  2. they've actually given you invites right from the beginning? I've had joost for about a week now but they haven't given me any invites yet – from what I understand you have to belong for a while before they "allow" you to invite others – of course, I haven't spent much time with it yet so maybe it's a matter of them knowing how much time you've been on it before you get the invites…. hmmmm

  3. heh. I had to search for the invites. it wasn't at all obvious. and I don't know how many I have.this is how I found them. – launch the client (not the website, the actual client you had to download and install)- click on the "My Joost" icon on the right-hand side of the screen- one of the widgets (right-down) is a little box titled "Send Invites".

  4. hmmm when I tried to send one the other day, exactly the way you describe it, that's how I found out I didn't have any – some of the boards on joost say they eventually got an email saying how many they had, but maybe I'll just go on and check again since it has been several days since I was on it

  5. when was that? according to the joost wiki, as of May 1st, users have 999 invites. perhaps you tried to send an invite before May 1st?at any rate, try it now, it should work.

  6. ooo, mariser, send me one, someone else was gonna send me one last month but they wuz very limited then and I was too late.(send to @yahoo)

  7. yeah I had heard that too but apparently there was some glitch going on when I tried mine – anyway, I just checked and successfully sent two, so looks like all is good now

  8. I've used Veoh successfully for some East and South Asian movies, and for a few US TV shows. But yeah, the "legit" US stuff is in very short supply; more likely to turn up on DailyMotion.com….Veoh – and another service, can't think of the name – have a lot of sci-fi series, and legally at that. Veoh really is a capitulation on the US industry's part to P2P networks, but a lot of people are against it all the same.I think some of these folks would find their efforts working better if they adapted to new technologies and distribution modes, rather than fighting them… Oh well.

  9. This is all intriguing but I don't watch enough tv to warrant an invite, m, though tempted just for the fun of it. I don't have a tv in my bedroom and dream of luxuriously laying in bed watching tv. How pathetic sounding is that?!The Brazilian Music channel sounds cool!

  10. totally understand, jaypo. I seem to still have a bunch of invites, so let me know if you decide for it."Brazilian music channel", eh? I need to check that out.of course, summer is coming, so not the best time to watch TV; maybe when winter looms, the idea of "luxuriously laying in bed watching tv" would sound better.

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