QotD: My Ol’ Mates

Have you ever tracked down any of your old high school friends and fellow students? 
Submitted by campsite2007.  

track down…hound…torture and kill them in payback for my miserable teen years? *

erm…  no, not at all.   the thought hadn't occur to me at all…

[whistles, walks away]

* my teen years were not miserable.  about average.  I'm ok, really.  no need to be scared.

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4 thoughts on “QotD: My Ol’ Mates

  1. lol I wish i had wrote this. It was not horrific. But truthfully i really don't want to see most of the people i went to HS with. 4-6th grade now those were intolerable.

  2. hee!i've had a few hunt me down using facebook and google – i still haven't gotten back to them. hmmm. i hope their intentions are benign.

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