weird photo op

I wonder what point is Newt trying to make

poor little Knut.  he doesn't have any veto power over who he gets photographed with.

I'd like to see Newt repeat this photo op in 3 years or so, whenever Knut has reached full size.

source via wonkette

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21 thoughts on “weird photo op

  1. <snert> probably…maybe I should send this one to CO. yanno, following on the path blazed by the puppeh Hoff puppeh sandwich

  2. lol, jaypo!Knut is always cute, although seeing the two together is causing me some mental dissonance. is Knut showing his teeth, or is that just my imagination?

  3. Ugh!! There is no justice! An avid global warming denier getting to spend time with Knut???? No justice.

  4. Sheesh. Go away Newt! Stay, Knut!Hey, did you hear Jerry Falwell is dead?How about that?Don't you sometimes get the feeling that some of those people will never die? And then they do. Huh. :P

  5. I heard Newt is now scheduled to speak at Liberty University 2007 commencement, which will turn into a eulogy, I'm sure.

  6. cap'n, oh, whoa. that commencement speech is going to be a suckfest for the ages.lauo, yep. cute is definitely not contagiousmichelle, definitely be fun to hear.

  7. ha – I've always thought that was one of the funniest things he's ever said, yet any time anyone references dave bombing at something, that's usually one of the first jokes/comments they bring up – pshaw, I say!

  8. I'm with you and michelle: I watched the Oscars that year and was ROTFL at the "uma, oprah, oprah, uma" bit. I was surprised the next day to see the awful reviews Dave got. I thought it was hilarious.

  9. When Larry Bud passed, I got to thinking about the "Late Night With David Letterman" book that came out in 1985 – my then BFF's dad had it and we thought it was the funniest thing ever (short of the actual show and Monty Python – we were very classy 11 year olds). I've not seen another copy of it in the past 22 years. I checked ebay and found one copy! It cost just about $10 with the shipping and I was soooo happy the day it arrived. It's now at home on my shelf. It's clearly a precursor to "America: The Book." God Bless You, David Letterman.

  10. does anyone else remember when letterman first started on tv and had a daytime talk show? his "helper" was that actress with the annoying voice, whose name I can never remember, and whenever she gave their address (for tickets, maybe?), she would end it with "nyerk nyerk, oneohone ohone" (new york new york 10101) – oh her name is gonna bug me so I'm gonna do a quick search before I hit "post" on this
    AHA – Edie McClurg! The David Letterman Show in 1980
    anytime I bring this up (why would it come up? who knows…), no one else ever remembers this show or her saying that

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