bookmark art, bookmarks as art, improvised bookmarks

everything you didn't know about bookmarks and other things found in books    (via MeFi)

all sorts of bookmarky delights await you at Mirage Bookmarkbookmark-collector, and other sites listed.

but of particular interest to mah peeps is the legend of the bacon bookmark

and so us the cheesehead dont' feel left behind…

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7 thoughts on “bookmark art, bookmarks as art, improvised bookmarks

  1. lol! i never thought of it, but bacon is actually the perfect size and shape for a bookmark. i'm imagining a nice hardcover edition of Hamlet with a piece of bacon poking out the top – how classy.

  2. Hee, LM! Thanks for the laugh.
    These bookmarks are way fancy. I used to have a big bookmark collection, but now I use old boarding passes from trips. It's fun to stop for a moment and remember a fun vacation or getaway.

  3. Of course! We'll give the (paper) ones away as promotional materials. It will increase both literacy and cholesterol.

  4. This is cool — I used to have a bookmark from England that was a "jam butty" that also was apparently inspired by something actually found in a book. Maybe the same company made both bookmarks? When I was given the bookmark, I had to go home and look up "jam butty"… it's a sandwich made with one piece of bread folded over some jam. What I called, when I was very small, an "awkward sandwich" (for reasons that made sense to me at the time).

  5. Ooh, I *love* bookmarks! Thanks so much for all the links, mariser.And Useta I think "awkward sandwich" makes a lot of sense now. ;)

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