the next logical step…

…after lolcats and loldogs and lolrus, lolgeeks, and lolgays *, here is the latest entrant on the lol_________:


* may be NSFW.

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10 thoughts on “the next logical step…

  1. hello!Did you ever see the SNL skit (from years back) with Will Farrell being Dubya and he's in the Oval Office talking with his dad and he ends up whining "Presidenting iz HARD!" ? I loved that skit — at one point, Bush Sr and someone else are busy discussing something political and Dubya's in the background, laying on his back on the couch playing with a ball of yarn like he's a cat…that cracked me up.Too bad Dubya isn't actually funny, huh.lolcats makes me squee — lolpresidents just makes me want to slap them.

  2. 1. The ball of yarn bit from that sketch kills me dead every time I think about it.
    2. I cannot to this day say the word "strategy" without almost saying "strategery." I also have to think about it good and hard when typing.

  3. lauo, there are many pictures of Das Bush with that same expression…I guess thinking hasn't gotten easier for him.ygrs and michelle, yep and yep. somebody should find those screenshots of Ferrell as Bush with the ball of yarn and caption'em.pyrit, me likee eet to!!

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