CSA 2007 – week 2

the second week basket is here.  collard greens, romaine lettuce, bok choy, and the bestest strawberries.  I can't recommend Community Supported Agriculture enough. it may be a bit pricier than the grocery store, but worth it in some many ways: eating local, mostly organic (some transitional organic), and you can't get these strawberries anywhere else 'round here.   check the link to search for CSA's in your area.


                        teh take

food porn  (strawberry flavor)

and of course,  everything must pass inspection:

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3 thoughts on “CSA 2007 – week 2

  1. The CSA stand at our farmer's market features a rooster each week! He's so cute, he sits up on the sign and crows, I love it!I'm jealous, we won't have strawberries for a few more weeks. I'm getting impatient, it's one of the few types of produce that's really great in this area. And for the record, my kitty LOVES the smell of strawberries, it's the first thing she goes for when I get home.

  2. val, you'll be enjoying your strawberries when ours are but a distant memory… be patient. ;)redz, they are even better than what they look. I can't bring myself to do anything fancy with them: just stuff'em in my mouf directly from the basket. and everything else is quite good too: just not as photogenic.

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