QotD: This Is Who I Am

In 5 words or less, who are you? 
Submitted by dejablu503.

I am a man who looks after the pigs

– is not 5 words
– or less
– not a man
– don't actually know how to look after the pigs

but I dont' care

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9 thoughts on “QotD: This Is Who I Am

  1. intelligentisa, I agree with you. there is something quite ineffable about the phrase. wish it was mine, but is The Who's.and it'd be an awesome title for a memoir, fer shure.

  2. I LOVE Quadrophenia, mariser. It evokes such strong feelings in me. I love listening to it.Did you ever see the movie? I only saw it once, but it was good. It's sad.

  3. the album is teh awesome. I get chills thinking about "Reign o'er me"and I love the movie, ygrs. it has some gorgeous moments. and that ending…cap'n, maybe you should give the movie another chance; if for no other reason than to make fun of sting.is not a faithful adaptation of the rock opera, but is a good movie on its own right. and the greatest motorcycle movie evar.btw, I came across quadrophenia.net when googling. be sure to check it out.

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