life imitates art

fans of Calvin and Hobbes know that some of the best strips featured snowmen

it is nice to see folks paying homage:

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8 thoughts on “life imitates art

  1. I love the one he builds where there is one gigantic snowman attacking a village of little snowmen. The days are just packed! :)

  2. [these are great!]I love the snowmen — they're the best! Wouldn't you LOVE to be driving down the street and see something like these in somebody's yard!HA !!!( I have a tattoo of Calvin & Hobbes wrasslin' with each other ( beating the daylights out of each other) on the outside of my left leg, above my ankle. I want to get a tattoo of them HUGGING each other on the other side of the same leg — I need to get the karma balanced —you know? I need to get the violence/peaceful thing balanced.)

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