a harsh punishment


we know China is under pressure over the many scandals regarding food and drug safety that are coming to light.  but this is a harsh punishment indeed:

The disgraced head of China's food and drug agency [Zheng Xiaoyu]
was sentenced to death today amid a wave of consumer safety
scandals that have rippled across the world.

can anyone say "scapegoat" ?    read entire article at The Guardian Unlimited

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6 thoughts on “a harsh punishment

  1. I wish I knew more about China so I could properly form my opinion about why it's such a whacked out place. Would it be the way it is today if Mao never happened? Why do they still cling to communism yet drink greedily from the cup of capitalism? Why do they have absolutely no regard for the safety of themselves, much less the people in countries that use their goods? Why do they think it's okay to raise tigers at amusement parks, show them off to the paying public, then kill them to harness the aphrodisiac power? For all their wonderful accomplishments, their missteps are just as great.

  2. UGH. This is HORRIBLE. Kill one person and that takes care of an entire system of flaws? Oh boy. Good job, folks. Sigh.

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