The truth : : The truth

preach on, brother Steve. 

07-The Truth
Steve Earle

is for Calliope No. 8, so is all good

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mariser simpsons – new and improved

on the post below I whined because the Simpsons avatar-maker did not have glasses.

teh SO, being the sweetie he is, corrected that problem using MS Paint.  behold:

thanks love!  :smooches:

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getting a drink at moe’s

thanks, jay!

make yer own here

NOTE:  no glasses!! it ain't me without the glasses.  …don't even recognize meself…

NOTE:  instructions to save and post your Simpsons' avatar below.  this is just one way to do it, I'm sure there are many others.

once you have your figure
after you go "Tour Springfield" and then into Moe's bar*.  then you'll have a scene like what we are all posting, with you next to Homer. 
then, press the key [PrtScn], this will actually make a copy of what's on your screen right now.
then, open a graphics program, for example, MS Paint [ go to "Start"–> "Programs" –> "Accessories"–"Paint"
NOTE:  any graphics program will do:  Photoshop, GIMP, Snag-IT,  whatever
click on "Edit" and on the window that opens, "Paste"
the scene will then be copied on Paint.
NOTE:  here you can use the graphics program tools to crop/resize/change colors/whatever
then click on "File" and then "Save As".  give it a name and that's it. 
you can then upload it here in Vox as you do any picture.

* there are other scenes, like the Simpsons' home, the Kwik-e-Mart, etc.  at the time of writing, they are "coming soon"

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brazilian dangers – NSFL

NSFL   – Not Safe For Lunch

most of us are aware of the whole coochie landscaping trend – up to and including surgical *uplifts* as it were. 
the most common of these is the so-called 'brazilian' wax, i.e. the removal of every single hair from the genital area, leaving one "as bare as a baby's bottom".  NOTE:  why does a procedure intended to increase one's sexual desirability is described that way is pretty god damned creepy, btw.

but besides being almost unbearably painful (or so I hear), and somewhat humiliating (requires visits to a salon; a brazilian is not recommended as a DIY project), now we read about the possible health risks associated with a cooch deforestation:

article 1 comes to us from the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases    2007;45:000   and describes in sober clinical (and very descriptive: read at own risk)  terms the horrifying aftermath of a brazilian gone awry.  edit: NOTE:  there is a picture therein; be forewarned.  and don't click on the picture to enlarge… picture has been removed as on 06/30/2007

article 2  is a much more readable summary of article 1 that comes from the online health journal aetiology no pictures. 
edit: as noted by the eagle-eyed michellemb below,  the comment thread in article 2 is quite enlightening: very thought-provoking comments on the au naturel / trimming / shaving / waxing trends. not to be missed.

the moral of the story comes from the article:

Despite her traumatic experiences, the patient was
keen to undertake further removal of pubic hair.

keen?  keen????!!    

via gawker

edit 06/28/2007@1800:  added pointer to article 2 comment thread

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