back home
back to the grind
back to the same old same old.
is good to be home, good to sleep on my own bed, good to be with the kittehs
dad is as good as he can be. very weak and fatigued. chemo is hell (2/3 done) and is kicking his ass.
I'm glad to have gone and to have spend time with him; as he noted, "this is more time than what we have spent together in the last 25 years".  which is unfortunately true.
we did a photoshoot our last day there, when my brother sends me the pics I'll post some.
I'm exhausted.
still good to be back;  will be catching with y'all.

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11 thoughts on “back

  1. It's good to have you back. You and your family have been in my thoughts. Continued best wishes to your dad and Family Mariser.
    Please keep us posted on his progress.

  2. I know the relief of stepping back into your own life. Glad to have you back, mariser and good thoughts to you and your dad.

  3. Welcome home, mariser!I'm so glad that you had time to spend with your dad & family.We've missed you here.Get rested up now.Love to you & your hubby ( and huggs! )

  4. Sending out goodness in your dad's direction, mariser. I"m glad you're back, too–we all missed having you around.

  5. Welcome home. It's good you got to spend some good time with dad. Hope to hear more when you have time and energy! Hugs!!!

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