in a melancholic mood this evening… here's some hallelujahs.

by Alison Crowe – the only female cover

Lenny Cohen, the original

the lovely Rufus Wainwright

the mystery white boy, the late Jeff Buckley

and possibly my favorite, a take by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

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11 thoughts on “hallelujah

  1. I listened to all of them late last night. Hallelujah is still stuck in my head this morning. And that is a very good thing. Thank you. Great song.

  2. I love Leonard Cohen for giving us so many cool songs. This one seems to get covered more than the others, which is fine! Jeff Buckley's interpretation blows the original out of the water, no offense to Mr. Cohen… Buckley's way of performing a song was amazing.Oh oh oh! And the Allison Crowe cover is sooooo sweet! Thanks, I haven't heard her until now. I will have to look for other stuff by her. :)Nick Cave is badass. I loved Rufus' album Poses. I'm afraid he wore out his welcome with the Want albums. Oh, he's still a talented person, with a great sense of melody and harmony. Good version here, too.

  3. Thanks for sharing these. I had to come back and listen to them again. I especially love the first two. I have a couple soundtracks with Allison Crowe, I think – I love her singing.

  4. Oh, thank you for re-sharing this, mariser! I missed it the first time around!!!!I'll enjoy listening and relistening to all of the versions! *hops with excitement*

  5. heh. glad you liked them. I do believe that JB's interpretation is now the standard from where all others take off. some songs just lend themselves to many interpretations: "The Long Black Veil" is one, "Mack the Knife" another; is fun to listen to them in sequence and note what each interpreter kept or discarded.

  6. Definitely fun to hear each person's unique take on a theme (aaaaack I sound like Paula Abdul…get the gun! ;) )

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