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NSFL   – Not Safe For Lunch

most of us are aware of the whole coochie landscaping trend – up to and including surgical *uplifts* as it were. 
the most common of these is the so-called 'brazilian' wax, i.e. the removal of every single hair from the genital area, leaving one "as bare as a baby's bottom".  NOTE:  why does a procedure intended to increase one's sexual desirability is described that way is pretty god damned creepy, btw.

but besides being almost unbearably painful (or so I hear), and somewhat humiliating (requires visits to a salon; a brazilian is not recommended as a DIY project), now we read about the possible health risks associated with a cooch deforestation:

article 1 comes to us from the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases    2007;45:000   and describes in sober clinical (and very descriptive: read at own risk)  terms the horrifying aftermath of a brazilian gone awry.  edit: NOTE:  there is a picture therein; be forewarned.  and don't click on the picture to enlarge… picture has been removed as on 06/30/2007

article 2  is a much more readable summary of article 1 that comes from the online health journal aetiology no pictures. 
edit: as noted by the eagle-eyed michellemb below,  the comment thread in article 2 is quite enlightening: very thought-provoking comments on the au naturel / trimming / shaving / waxing trends. not to be missed.

the moral of the story comes from the article:

Despite her traumatic experiences, the patient was
keen to undertake further removal of pubic hair.

keen?  keen????!!    

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edit 06/28/2007@1800:  added pointer to article 2 comment thread

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18 thoughts on “brazilian dangers – NSFL

  1. "besides being almost unbearably painful (or so I hear), and somewhat humiliating"Not enough so, it seems. After the second emergency sitch, they should've sent her to the psychiatric ward for examination.

  2. That chick needs mental help and needs to just stay away from "down there" for the rest of her life. I love the comments in the blog portion – some of them are quite witty.

  3. jaypo and mmb, you guys have a point, and the poor girl may have some psychiatric issues, even though the article didn't specify so. to me, the really scary/creepy part is that she may not have psychiatric issues per se, and she is just trying to fit to the stereotype. and to consider the very real health risks, such as bacterial and/or viral infections that can arise, and how quickly they can escalate…

  4. Eeuw. I'll pass on reading more and I def don't need to see anything. The whole "I want to sleep with a 12-year old girl/I need to look like I haven't hit puberty yet" trend is just nasty.

  5. Ewwwwwww I can't even pluck my eyebrows for goodness sake. I do remember when girls where shaping them into hearts and various designs. lol

  6. I'm such a chicken I didn't even open the first one.I think this one might be nuts — not just a victim of fashion, but full-scale psycho.I think I need to go wash out my brain now.

  7. I've been waxed before but never the whole thing, it's simply unnatural. People forget WHY we have hair. Hair traps germs and odor…so if you have none, you're askin for it. I will tell you the only thing about a wax that doesn't hurt is your backside. You don't even feel it and I gotta tell you the regrowth process isn't bad at all i.e. no ingrown hairs, etc… The front is another story both pain and growth wise. Sorry if that's TMI… I can't read #1 but I read #2 which gave me the gist. *shudder* That's called low self-esteem if you ask me.

  8. I'm going to play devil's advocate here and point out it's an extreme case. She had type 1 diabetes, which increased her risk of infection, and her real stupidity wasn't in getting waxed – it was in getting waxed after previous severe infections, and in not going to the doctor when it was apparent something was severely wrong. I don't think I'd be going out on a limb to suggest that there are more cases of toxic shock and infection associated with tampon use than from brazilian waxing. And one could argue that tampons are just as unnecessary as waxing when sanitary napkins are both freely available and safer.And yes, for the record I'm one of those odd people who prefers being 'bare down there'. I do it myself. It's cheaper and I know when something hurts too much. It's not because I want to look like a five year old, it's for the same reasons most of you probably shave our armpits (unless of course you do that to look prepubescent!) Believe it or not it feels cleaner and more comfortable, at least that is my reason for doing it and if you ask most women who get Brazilians they feel the same way. You may think it's unnatural and odd, but many European women probably think the same of you for shaving your armpits!And yes, if I developed an infection I would stop doing it. But before you judge the women in the article ask yourself – if you got a severe rash from shaving under your arms or your legs would you immediately decide never to shave again? Or would you have another go, hoping the first time was just a fluke?

  9. hey DKN, I'll have to take word for it. interesting about the backside vs. frontside difference. I guess is one of those things where we all have different pain thresholds. and ditto on the low self-esteem and other issues… one of the reasons I found the articles interesting and wanted to post them is that as waxing and brazilians become more mainstream and more and more women ask for them, more and more salons will be providing them, some without appropriate hygienic processes in place. is important to know what can happen.

  10. It all does come down to personal preference. I shave a little to make sure my I'm not fuzzing out of my bathing suit.
    I've been with a guy who was trimmed and not only did it throw me off a bit, he was soooo scratchy I had to stop all action. OUCH! Hair is good to reduce friction as well.

  11. oh EWQ, I agree with you completely that this was a most extreme case: that is why it was presented as a case study. as I mentioned in the comment above, this information about what can go wrong needs to be out in the open so folks know when to go for medical care.personally, I trim my bits and leave legs and armpits alone as I am prone to rashes. I have absolutely no problem with anyone waxing/shaving/whatever to their comfort and ease. I do admit to have a concern that the bare look is becoming de rigueur, and that some of us may feel nudged/pressured into complying.

  12. totally. I'm glad you posted it! A similar phenom has been going on in salons for quite some time. Nail salons (which out here is where you get a wax, too, usually) already have a bad stigma on them about cleanliness. Women out here will bring their own tools and stuff. And one of my friends witnessed a woman insist that they bleach out the little soaking bathtub before doing her pedicure. There are horror stories you hear ever so often, the whole nine yards and it skeeves peeps out. Not me. But anyway, it's only a matter of time before the wax stories start circulating, imo.

  13. I think this case is more pathological than just giving something second try.She didn't make it to the doctor's the first time until she was so infected she'd blocked her urethra.And after that she knew about the diabetes, etc.There's something going on there, and it isn't good.But I don't think you have to blame the procedure for one person's screwiness.Not for me, but you can have mine.(Just keep an eye out for usual redness, etc….)

  14. Of course, as EWQ points out, it's an extreme case. BUT consider that she had "undiagnosed" diabetes, as do surprisingly high numbers of other Americans. Many people go through much of their adult life unaware they're diabetic until something bad happens to make it obvious–like a really bad infection. Oh, and EEEK! I'd rather just keep my fur.

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