Lazy sunday

not doing much at all today.  my eyes hurt (allergies set to "SuperKill"), is probably going to rain soon, which will make things worse.

I'm (half-heartedly) arranging a bit of the mess which is ye olde .mp3 collection…

here's one track that matches the (bluish) day:

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3 thoughts on “Lazy sunday

  1. Yep that fit right in with the gloomy day I am having. lol Up very late and slept till 2pm. My best friend is gone to California for a week. People who are real organized drive me crazy.

  2. I lazed around more than I should have this weekend too. I also cleaned up the "My Pictures" section of my computer which has been driving me kinda nuts. I didn't get it all done, but as Pete Townshend said, A Little Is Enough….(for now)
    hope your allergies ease up! Yuck!

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