every once and then I am reminded I live in the same part of the country that routinely terrifies IG.  

the current horrifying event that has Lexington's collective panties all in a twist is this wedding announcement, published on the 07/01/2007 edition of the local paper.  some yahoos have taken (loud) offense at having "that lifestyle" *forced* at them by the newspaper.   and what about the children who may see it and thus become immediately "indoctrinated"?

one of the saddest points of the story:  apparently this is the first time ever a gay couple has appeared in the wedding announcement section.  NOTE:  wedding/engagement/anniversary announcements are paid by the submitter(s); and they ain't cheap. the paper exerts no editorial control over the announcements.

I'll give this to the happy couple:  they have balls of steel. best wishes on their life together

IG, I give up.  please take me to California with you when you go back…

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  1. I bet if the announcement included "they are first cousins", then no one would get too riled up about it. Keep it in the family, y'all.

  2. Makes you wanna send them a congratulations card. (And I'd like to note–that's what newspapers didn't exactly count on when they went to a pay-for weddings and obituaries policy.)

  3. I thought that there was a huge gay population in Lexington…? I guess it's 'that other side' that the rest pretend isn't there.
    You'd think with the reaction that they'd posted one of their honeymoon pictures. geez.
    LOL @ AmyH

  4. "He is currently a self-employed web developer and a staff member with the national civil rights organization, Soulforce."Strike two.

  5. Oh god, I just saw that photo of the happy, smiling couple and it totally makes me want to run straight into the arms of another woman. The gay agenda is working people!!!You should write a letter to the editor expressing your congratulations.

  6. Yeah, I know tht when I was a kid I just spent hours studying the marriage announcements in the paper.Shesh.The couple looks genuinely happy.

  7. I'd love it the happy couple posted an adoption announcement in a few months. Heads would start exploding like popcorn all over Kentucky.

  8. Our house is rural northern New England. Our next door neighbors are nice but they had a George Bush Christmas tree (and 3 of their dogs have been hit by cars but I digress). We bought our house from a lesbian couple, well, they were splitting up. We still keep in touch with R. But the other reason they moved was b/c of the local unfriendlies. And they had a baby girl together who was growing up and getting harrassed at our rural school for having a daddy who was a lady. Now, 2 houses down, another couple moved in and they are adopting this very week. A very lucky Chinese girl will have "2 mommies", and a gorgeous house with horses. And, we have 2 guy friends, who live in town, who adopted 3 children from So. America!

  9. *Snort.*
    Also, sigh. We were so close to having wedding announcements like this in Oregon. Now we're in with the southeastern states and have a "One Man, One Woman" (God, what an idiotic catchphrase, still see the bumper sticker on cars) amendment in our Constitution. Urgh.

  10. I have a feeling no one would dare publish a wedding announcement like that here in the benighted north woods of Wisconsin. We're just a few small steps away from the idiotic "One man, one woman" constitution thing too. So it's good to know that the entire country isn't like this…

  11. I must say these two are a lot more courageous than me. If I were gay and living in Ky., I'd be keeping my marriage on the DL as much as possible. Congrats to the happy couple.

  12. cp, there is a fairly large gay and lesbian population in Lexington (estimated at 20-25%); blame the large research university and hospital. the complaints are along the line of "how dare they throw it in my face!" i.e., make you recognize they are out there. apparently if you are a good little gay and stay in the closet like you should, that's fine with the local yahoos. :(laurie, val, if intolerant jackasses' heads were to explode like popcorn, we'll be up to our knees on it.shanchan, littlem, I hope I did not confuse the issue. Kentucky, like Oregon (and possibly Wisconsin, soon), has enshrined the "marriage is only between one man and one woman" (alternative name: "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve") nonsense into the state Constitution. the happy couple referred to above married in Toronto, Canuckistan.

  13. Oh, they already look like an old married couple — they have the same smile and nose! Check 'em out! (the shorter one is quite the QT). Big congrats.Good for them and the newspaper for the ad. 20-25% gay? Wow. That's approaching San Francisco levels, but they're not "allowed" to speak up.I am SO not moving.

  14. Well I tried finding the percentage of gays in Lexington but could not but Gay.Com Travel Guide seems
    fairly positive about Lexington. So there must be a significant
    percentage. Of course if you listen to the conservatives complain,
    Lexington is over run with gays and Mexicans. I want to know the
    percentage of gay Mexicans….

  15. I had a friend in Lexington who told me about the large gay population, otherwise I never would have known that. And never would have guessed, certainly.
    Oh, hey, I saw "Boys Don't Cry" in Lexington, btw!

  16. What a gorgeous couple, and they look so happy too. Great for them, and screw anyone who cries foul. If people find homosexuality uncomfortable, that's fine … I just wished they'd keep it to themselves.

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