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  1. oooooo… I haven't heard Ani Defranco for a long time — I have her CD that has the fishbowl on the front? She's good — I like her.You seem to be GOOD at this Vox music group thingy, mariser.&:o)( Have a happy 4th! )

  2. gee, thanks guys. I did it for the first time on the previous post.instructions on how to use the Vox this thingie are hereI had no trouble "grabbing" the widget and adding it to the FireFox toolbar, but I was somewhat confused on how to actually use it. to do what I did here (refer to another VOX post), first click on the post title to bring it up, then on the Vox this thingie; a page opens where you can change the title, add comments and choose picture (the first picture is the poster's avatar but you can choose another, like in this case). on the bottom of the page there is a button, Add & Write a Post. click it and it will open the "Compose" page with the item you are posting already embedded.gah! I'm making this way too complicated… just try it.

  3. …her CD that has the fishbowl on the front?ah, yes, LIttle Plastic Castle good one.and Happy Fourth to you too.

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