matrimonial bliss

here is a christian, heterosexual, republican, harmonious couple:

(photo lifted from wonkette)
here is a homosexual, unnatural, (possibly) democrat couple:

(photo lifted from  the Lexington Herald-Leader)

any questions?

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14 thoughts on “matrimonial bliss

  1. Why does anyone want to get married in the first place? Oh, wait. That's just my jaded/bitter/resigned question.
    As for what you are trying to get at, well, the pics speak for themselves.
    (Love the Crazy Eye and Brow Beaten look on the top couple, though.)

  2. So teh awsum! Damn! Those gay boys are HOT! That woman is the definition of "Botox Gone Awry".

  3. heh. consider: this is the same woman that at the time of the Lewinski affaire, was quoted as saying that she'd go all Lorena Bobbitt on her husband if he cheated, unlike that pushover, Hillary Clinton.of course, after thinking it over, Mrs. Vitter decided to forgive her errant husband. because we all know that frequenting prostitutes for years is not as bad as getting a blowjob

  4. *sigh* Posts like this always disappoint me.

    The implication, I suppose, is that being Christian, heterosexual, and
    Republican makes you, by default, sexually repressed, homophobic, and
    incapable of sustaining and healthy, faithful marriage relationship.

    That's neither true nor fair.

    I'm sure you could find a few dysfunctional, abusive gay relationships, too.

  5. it is not my intent to generalize to the populations of either Christians, Republicans, or heterosexuals.David Vitter and Wendy Vitter have made a big deal of being Christian, Republican and heterosexual, so I describe them in their own terms.David has compared gay marriage to hurricanes, mainly to state he is against both. he is also a supporter of abstinence-only education. as I mentioned above, Wendy castigated Hillary Clinton for choosing to stay with Bill.if it was up to David Vitter, Noble-McDaniel would have never been allowed to marry.of course now that David has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so to speak, both Vitters are all about being human and forgiving and getting another chance. I for one, am not particularly inclined to grant it.

  6. I just love when the loud-mouthed angry haters end up being proven as the hypocrites they are, no matter which side of the 'agenda' they are on. Walk the talk, people, and you'll never be exposed for your lies and secrets.
    Mark Twain said something about it's always best policy to tell the truth, that way you don't have to be worried about always remembering what you said.

  7. Hmm. All the conservative christians are deftly quiet too about pressing charges against Mr. Vitter too. I wonder why. C'mon, Pat Robertson. Speak up!!

  8. If you weren't generalizing, mariser, then I apologize; however, it
    certainly came across as generalization, especially when you felt it
    necessary to speculate about the young men's possible political

    For the record, I am neither Democrat nor Republican, by adamant,
    conscious choice. A month ago, I had never heard of the Vitters. His
    behavior is appalling and disgusting, and I haven't been reading any of
    the articles because, frankly, I don't care to sully my mind with it.

    As to where are all the conservative Christians who are neglecting to
    come forward to demand prosecution, I daresay they're hiding out back
    with all of the liberal Democrats who are also failing to line up to
    defend Mr. Vitter on the flimy grounds that character isn't important.

    It certainly is important. Character matters as much now as it did back
    when Bill Clinton was having it off with Monica Lewinsky. The fact that
    one of them was dallying with prostitutes while the other was "only"
    having a "harmless" affair makes no difference at all.

  9. I dunno Mariser. I just thought you were finding the humor in the hypocracy of it all. And funny it was. To me, at least.

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