fQotD – of athletes and their sports

fQotD:    in your consideration, which athlete is least worth their hype and/or paycheck ?

A:    much as I try, I can't bring myself to care.  but y'all take a whack at it if you like

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5 thoughts on “fQotD – of athletes and their sports

  1. heehee. i don't think i can name more than five athletes. if you exclude figure skating, i probably can't name more than two.

  2. I was listening to NPR this morning and heard that Michael Vick (NFL quarterback for Atlanta Falcons) is being charged with numerous accounts of cruelty to animals due to his association with individuals running illegal dog fights. In at least 8 cases, the dogs were executed after losing their fights in very cruel manners.Michael Vick was a QB at Virginia Tech while I was at the University of Virginia. I disliked him then, and I dislike him now. He may be a decent football player, but he appears not to be a decent human being.

  3. whoa. I thought I couldn't bring myself to care, but Ross, you've changed my mind. it is irrelevant whether or not MVick was present during the dog fights; knowing about them is plenty enough.that puts MVick on the lead for athlete-scumbag of the year.

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