oh noes!!! ginger from China goes on the “no consume” list

according to the PAN Pesticides databasealdicarb sulfoxide, the pesticide detected in the ginger is one of their "dirty dozen", a list of extremely hazardous pesticides… that

cause many deaths and widespread environmental damage every year. Most have been banned or restricted in the industrialized countries because of their known hazards. Yet the Dirty Dozen are still heavily promoted and widely used in many developing nations, where the lack of protective equipment, safety training, and medical services makes their impact even more devastating.

[sigh]  I love ginger.  it seems that so far the advisory is for raw (natural) ginger, i.e. the root

  which is not labeled by country of origin.  for what I understand most of the raw ginger exported into the US comes from China.  bummer.

candied ginger (yum!), as a packaged product, is labeled as of country-of-origin. some comes from China, some from Thailand, some from Australia.  the best I have ever had comes from Thailand and is sold by Trader Joe's:

I'm almost out.  I guess a road trip to Cincinnati is in the cards, since we are not cool enough to have a local TJs.

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11 thoughts on “oh noes!!! ginger from China goes on the “no consume” list

  1. oh noes!!!! Guess I'll chuck out that ginger in the fridge, just to be on the safe side. gahhhhhhh… And ginger's one of the four basic food groups, too… Thanks for the heads-up, Mariser.

  2. oh no, this is horrible horrible news!! i love raw ginger, especially in tea, especially in the winter. it's difficult to contemplate life without it. i guess i'll have to make up for it with candied ginger?i also suppose that most of the dried ginger in tea bags is no good?argh, why is life so unfair?? *cries*

  3. I dont' know about the ginger in tea bags, littlem. I assume it is, like candied ginger, labeled by country of origin, so at least you can check the package.I know the ginger people products are from Australia, so they should be ok, afaik.devonrex, yeah. I'm sad too. the tricky thing is going to be finding a reliable source of raw ginger

  4. EGADS. China had better get their shit together. Do you think that maybe it won't be long before everything won't say Made in China on it???I wonder who they will execute for this one?!!?

  5. heh. I draw the line there too. mainly because I'd walk around barefoot if I refused to buy shoes made in China… : (and look at it this way: at least the shoes are not made by 6-year-olds

  6. I agree you guys. I try to avoid stuff "made in China". But, it's not all China's fault. Greedy crappy business practices here have not helped matters one bit.

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