Minneapolis bridge collapses

I'm watching CNNs coverage.  at this point they don't have much except the pictures.  this is just horrible.

from the CNN article:

" There were "lots" of injuries, said the state Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department.

The accident occurred shortly after 6 p.m. (7 p.m. ET). There were 50 to 100 cars on the bridge at the time, according to early estimates.

Lt. Amelia Huffman of the Minneapolis Police Department told CNN affiliate KARE it was "not clear at this point what caused the collapse" of the Interstate 35W bridge near University Avenue.

"We have personnel there in the rescue effort," she said. "I have never seen anything remotely like this before."

Shortly after the collapse, a tractor trailer was burning on the bridge.

Rescue workers are using boats to help remove people from the water, bringing them up on the river bank.

Aerial footage showed the middle of the bridge caved in, lying in the Mississippi River, with cars both on top and submerged in the water."

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32 thoughts on “Minneapolis bridge collapses

  1. yikes.yikes.yikes.It's like what the Bay Bridge did in the Loma Prieta quake.Scary, and just awful.Sadly, I don't think three will be all.

  2. lauo, that's the first thing I thought too. it looks just like the Bay bridge did.however, there are no reports of an an earthquake. it was mentioned there was work being done on the bridge.

  3. For you non-Minnesotans, 35W is one of the heavily-traveled highways in the Twin Cities and it feeds right into downtown Minneapolis.It's devastating.

  4. They aren't sure. They think it was just a structural collapse. They've been doing work on the bridge, so one of the lanes was closed, backing up traffic. Plus it's hot as hell today, and there's a Twins game (a lot of people take 35W to get to the Metrodome) so the traffic was extra bad during rush hour tonight.

  5. jodi, thanks for giving context to those of us not in the area. things are going to be so difficult for Minneapolites for quite a while. our thoughts are with you

  6. I haven't been online or looked at the news in a couple of hours, but I thought of Teho first, too. Vox/CO sure make me see world events differently. Now I relate it to which Voxer I know is in the area.

  7. just updated – six deadI also thought of theo et al right away – I'm sure they're nowhere near it, or stuck in godawful traffic because of the accident

  8. Hope teho was nowhere near this…Reminds me of that highway overpass that collapsed just outside Montreal last year. 5 died in that, too. They're in the middle of a huge inquiry into the decrepit state of the infrastructure in Quebec.

  9. same here sad n worried for everyone involved and also thought immediately of Teho and Jaye and worried for them. I don't know exactly where in MN they live though so I was trying to reassure myself by saying, Well maybe he doesn't live in that area….
    still, so sad and horrible. I can't even begin to imagine what went through the minds of the people on the bridge as it was collapsing. I saw there was a school bus full of kids too last I saw there was 1 person dead but nothing confirmed. Ack.

  10. crap crap crap!
    I just checked the link you gave & they're up to 6 confirmed dead.
    I saw the mention of the school bus which they say had about 60 kids & adults in it and everyone was accounted for thank goodness for that at least.

  11. How awful! I hope no more people died… I hate watching the "confirmed" list increase. Glad to hear Teho is ok!

  12. My second thought when I saw this break into regular tv programming last night was Teho and his family's safety. The first thing I wanted to do this morning is check here on Vox to see if people know if they are ok, so it was good to see it mentioned here, mariser.Such a horrible tragedy. Looking at the wreckage my mind can't help but imagine the hell those poor people went through and are going through.The internet has made one giant extended family of us all, hasn't it?

  13. Yes, thanks for all this up to the minute news, mariser! I had shut my computer down for the night when the news came on. I was glad to get here this morning and see that teho and fambly are ok.What a scary scary sight those pictures are. The horrible thought I am having is that there have to be cars lost at the bottom of the river. *shivers*Prayers to all involved.

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