hey, where you keep the guybrarians?

from today's Penny Arcade webcomic:

LOL at "I thought librarians implied gender, like… like… "sorceress"

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8 thoughts on “hey, where you keep the guybrarians?

  1. Library Man, Library Man, does anything a Library can!Check out books, sending finesLook out, here comes the Library Man!(sung to the old Spider-Man jingle)

  2. When I was in grade school, our librarian was a rather elderly, but still tough dyke. Behind her back she was known as the "lesbrarian."

  3. heh. his blog seems dormant at the mo', but a librarian of the male persuasion used to go by Conan the librarian. there are also several fictional (kinda( iterations of Conan the librarian documented in this wikipedia article

  4. Oh – and I think in grade school I may not have known what a lesbian was so the joke would have had to be explained to me.
    I can imagine asking what was so funny and being told to go look it up. "Hi, could you tell me how I can find a book on lesbrarians?"

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