the Tesla roadster – getting the “wimp” off of the electric car


on the drive to work this morning I was listening to a radio piece about the Tesla roadsterone sexy beast of a car. 0-60 mph in 4 seconds and costs 1-2 cents per mile to operate.  

did I mention it has no gas tank or tailpipe? the Tesla is a 100% electric car.


one seriously badass puppy



[makes grabby hands]  I WANTZ, I WANTZ, I WANTZ !


one little hurdle before I can get my hands on one of these beauties: how to come up with the $100,000 they sell for.


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8 thoughts on “the Tesla roadster – getting the “wimp” off of the electric car

  1. OMG!!!!! Me wanty also! How much could I raise by selling off spare organs? (whips out calculator)

  2. Yeah, the Telsa is sex on wheels. Now THERE'S a car I'd sell my soul for. (Almost.)

    Here's an alternative: the Reva. Yeah, I'm shamelessly plugging it because it's been R&Ded in India, and it's not as good-looking as the Telsa, but here are the plus points:

    1. Pretty cheap: INR 200,000 or 300,000 which works out way cheaper in USD. (I USD ~ 45 INR.)
    2. Low bills: It's works out to a DIRT-CHEAP INR 1500 in electricity bills per month, as opposed to INR 7000 for fuel. Imagine how low that is in USD!
    3. Zero Emissions. It's a 100% electric car.
    4. Great mileage. Gives ONE KILOMETRE for 40 paise!
    5. Charges to 80% in 2.5 hours, 100% in eight hours. Has an onboard charger for easy charging. In fact, some shopping malls in Bangalore have Reva charging sockets in their garages!

    The problem is the average middle-class Indian is hesitant to buy the Reva because it's smaller than the standard family car. Whatevs. I'm sooo gonna buy it when I get a job. If the Telsa isn't available here by then …

  3. The Tesla, it is great and all, but would it really make you happy? (and talk about having to get a long extention cord ! I run over my lawn mower cord all the time, not sure if I could handle that pressure in this car.)

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