fQotD: write your own children’s book

several folks in my 'hood have answered today's qotd by posting their fave children's books. wonderful choices.  just to be contrary, I thought to write my own.

Stevie has a breakfast

Stevie woke up  hungry.  he decided to look around for something to eat.

ahoy!  there is something to check out

mmm.  it seems to be alone and unprotected

it's mine!  all mine!

quite tasty, actually.  much better than kibble. 

what!?  you say it is your breakfast? back off missy!

The End

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22 thoughts on “fQotD: write your own children’s book

  1. I was hoping to see some pink paws before this was over. I love the first pic, it looks like he's about to tumble into the blender! Haha.

  2. I kept waiting for the photo of the blender tipped over, smoothie juice all over the counter and a wet, nonplussed Stevie….

  3. gee, thanks! glad you guys liked it.if the blender cup hadn't been secured on the base, Steven would have tipped it over, I'm sure.auntiem, he really likes smoothies! I now pour a bit of the smoothie in a dish for him. val, he already has pink pads… but you are right, if I'm not vigilant, he'll stick his paw into my glass.

  4. oh my goodness — this is WONDERFUL, mariser!!I would SOOOOOOOO totally buy it — as a CHILDREN'S book, or for ME ( or other kitty lovers! )What a joy!&:o)

  5. Excellent post!What a yummy breakfast for Stevie. The Miao Bros couldn't stand the smoothie I made (disdain doesn't begin to describe it). Stevie has good taste and he knows what's healthy for him. :)

  6. oh no. the pinkulence is a strawberry smoothie: yogurt + strawberries + honey + ice.but I can see where it looks like gazpacho, especially if the tomatoes are not super-ripe, the gazpacho can come out looking pinkish.

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