Mine! mine! mine! no, mine! not yours, mine!

edit:  not my guinea pigs.  gerald56 video yanked from YouTube

another edit:  OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!  ponies!!! eleventy1111!!!.  
after two years and dozens of submissions,


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27 thoughts on “Mine! mine! mine! no, mine! not yours, mine!

  1. haaarhaha… somebunny is having a hard time breathing properly in the background of this movie…… what a pretty colorful trio of cucumber wrestlers.

  2. haha I love when the white one first tries for it – he just sneaks right up the middle and grabs it away like "you two won't be needing that"

  3. This is great. My head asploded a little when their faces were all smooshed up by the camera at the end.

  4. This is effing brilliant! Two best things: how the cucumber just flies out of nowhere and the crazy, greedy, piggy-cuke close-up.

  5. sorry for the confusion. they are not my guinea pigs, I found the video on YouTube.edited now to credit the owner.

  6. I really liked watching the peeegies and the " flying out of nowhere " cucumber!&:o)Peeegies is funny.

  7. I think Guinea Pigs are entertaining. They are just body, eyes, and hair. ALMOST like tiny little Cousin Itts….. :)

  8. Hors d'oeuvres.<snort>I've never had guinea pigs, so I'm not sure how they could live along with cats. since guineas are usually kept in their cages/habitats, it may be ok.ceejoe who posts in CO has several cats and a few months ago got a ?couple? of piggies; she'll be the one to consult.

  9. OMG!! I hadn't seen this on CO yet! So, I got to see it HERE first!!!YAY, mariser!! Excellent submishe!!LOL, peegies are SO much fun! Btw, I have 13 guinea pigs and 4 cats. No problem whatsoever. The older cats pay no attention to the peegs. The peegs are in cages with tops, so the kitten sometimes does lie on top and watch them. But, only for moments at a time. The piggies aren't quivery enough to be of much interest for long.

  10. snerk, snerk, snerk! We have a vine covered house – with birds nests near Yitzy's window perch. He chatters at them endlessly.

  11. oh gosh, I'm stupid today <—— blame it on the wicked headache I have.lauri should have come to mind inmediately when the conversation turned to guinea pigs + cats. in my (weak) defense I forgot about lauri's guinea pigs what with the cats and dogs and chickens and goats and frogs…yitzysmommie, be sure to check lauri's page for videos of her piggies out in the sun. high-lay-ri-oos!

  12. No prob, m!I know that ceejoe on CO (poet, donknowit) has 10 cats and 2 gpigs! She is an expert, too! I have a headache, too….sinus??? But it's a BEEyootiful day! mid 70s and low humiditiditidity. Hee! Ow. Goes to take a sinus pill.

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