The soundtrack to my summer

This summer hasn't been too great, more downs than ups; one of the highlights is the musical compilation
Tropicália: A Brazilian revolution in sound, which has taken almost uninterrupted residence in my car's CD player.

Tropicália was a short-lived Brazilian arts movement that peaked in the 1967-1968 period, partly inspired by the same effervescence that generated the Summer of love  and Paris May 1968; a worldwide sense that national barriers were breaking down and cultures were taking, giving, borrowing and loaning to each other. 

while Tropicália was not limited to music, its major impact and legacy is musical; exuberant, limitless, daring.  here are some tracks:

This track by Caetano Veloso, one of the leaders of the movement along with Gilberto Gil, became a sort of anthem

Gal Costa, Tom Ze, and Os Mutantes

two versions of the traditional Bat Macumba

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3 thoughts on “The soundtrack to my summer

  1. This is great stuff. I think I heard some Veloso a few years ago in the car, scribbled his name on a napkin for further investigation and probably threw it out when I cleaned my car…
    Jorge Ben—Isn't he the guy that has the song Umbabarauma? one of the greatest songs ever!

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