well, that didn’t take long…

damn, that was quick.  the Repugnican leadership did learn its lesson from l'affaire Foley

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8 thoughts on “well, that didn’t take long…

  1. If you read the accounts, the first thing Craig did was whip out his Senate ID stuff.My guess is he thought it'd get him off.My guess is that it has gotten him off things before.I think they wanted him to jump before the rest of the stories came in, and people started wondering how much of a free pass that is.("Just keep walking, folk, nothing to see here….")

  2. He's suddenly resigning? Don't any of these conservative fascists have any backbone anymore? I hear Tony Snow is leaving too. I feel compelled to listen to that Morrissey song: "There's a Place In Hell For Me and My Friends."

  3. Now he and his wife can sit on the front porch in their rocking chairs and when she isn't looking he can diddle the paperboy, the mailman, the pool guy, the garbage man, the lawn guy, the neighbor kids, the crossing guard….. I guess he thinks because you deny it it will go away. Damn dude, if you're lucky you have about 10 years left. Wouldn't you rather tell the truth for at least a year or two before you slither off into the end zone? Take that"secret' (ha) to your grave. The only one you fooled was yourself and your poor wife who stood by you through everything. You'll go to hell just for what you did to her.

  4. I feel so sorry for his wife and family. He is too evil to be honest and allow them the time they need to live their lives. He is one selfish bastard. I hate him, I really hate him. I didn't think I could hate him more than I already did but I do. Oh did I mention I hate this man.

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