F*king Vox Hunt – show us a writer you despise

geez.  just * one *?     no fair.

and don't look at me like that.  IG started it

I've narrowed it down to three:

way to ruin reading for the rest of us, queen O.

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10 thoughts on “F*king Vox Hunt – show us a writer you despise

  1. I also don't know Byrne and as for Brown, eh. I blew threw the DaVinci code because it was so darn fluffy.
    It was kind of fun to be in London reading it at the time so I could see all the same things that were in that part of the book. But really, the art stuff wasn't anything I didn't learn in Humanities 201 and Art History 205 back in my college days. I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about over old news.

  2. Hahahaha! Mr. IG will love you for #2. I think he took the awfulness of DVC personally. Do we really consider #3 a writer though?

  3. I only know who byrne is because of a recent article that mentioned her – that made me go and research who the heck she was
    I won't read anything by brown just on principle – same reason I won't read anything by grisham – everybody and their dog reads it and insists that it's the best thing they've ever read and why haven't you read it yet what's wrong with you don't be so snooty

  4. "don't be so snooty"
    Oh, I get this a lot. Probably because I also don't watch TV or go to many movies for the same reasons I don't read Grisham, Danielle Steele, et al. Yes, I throw them all in the same bucket.
    My down time for book reading is limited and I'm not going to spend it on something simplistic. I'd rather be challenged or feel like it's worth the time to read. That means clever, intriguing, smart, artistic or makes me go back and re-read sentences because the words chosen are strung together in such a way they demand lingering and appreciation.

  5. Never heard of #1. Read Da Vinci Code (it was entertaining in concepts, but not story), and I read Angels and Demons. Barf. Then (stupidly, because I was standing in an airport– probably not an excuse, but I just flew through a good book, literally) read Deception Point. Absolute trash. His storytelling is quite poor, and his fact framework attempts to be prescient like Tom Clancy (who creepily described the stealth bomber before it "officially" existed), but just lacks general mechanics on how story and the world works. Submarines do NOT just surface because the "heard" the splash of people falling into water, nor do the rise vertically like VTOL aircraft. Oprah's book club? I don't even belong to a regular book club. The people around me are my book club. They read books and they recommend them to me.

  6. This is VERY good, mariser.I haven't read byrne.I have read Brown. Both Davinci Code and Angels and Demons. I thought they sucked. Ok, I found the "history" and the possible "facts" very interesting. But the writing style was so stilted and crappy that I really hated his books. HOWever….fair of fair that I am (wishy of washy) ….my daughter just read DaV Code and she liked it. And I have had a few friends whom I "thought" had good judgment read "Angels and Demons" and just rave about it. So…I thought I should reread in case I was in a crappy mood when I first read them. I doubt it. I think I will hate them again. :PAs for Danielle Steele…I HATE her writing. When I have read it….years and years ago…and maybe one and a half books….it felt "evil" to me. In an anticreative way. :PAs for Grisham, I have heartily disliked all of his books except "A Painted House". I was surprised and pleased by that one. Yay! :)

  7. While I didn't like the Da Vinci Code's narrative, I really enjoyed the art history references and related stuff. I agree Angels and Demons was boring, though.

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