you’ve been iFucked


well, that's gotta hurt.  how long was that?  about two months? 

and good luck getting rid of your 4GB.   obsolete on the spot.


/pets my elderly "barely takes the occassional picture" non-flippy Nokia phone.

edit 09/05/2007@1624:  after some quality time with a calendar and a calculator:

# of days since the iPhone was first available for purchase:    67
$ amount by which the 8 GB iPhone price has dropped:        200

how much it cost you, iPhone fangirl/boy to be the first
with an iPhone (in $/day)                                                         2.98



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22 thoughts on “you’ve been iFucked

  1. Oh, I want to laugh but I won't. After all, I'm the gal who bought her first DVD player in February, 2007, for a mere $50.
    I like letting everyone else build up enough consumer demand to advance technology, push up supply and drive down costs. Then I swoop in and reap the savings.
    So thanks to the Early Adopters, I'll get back that money they spent in a year or two.
    /pets non-flippy, non-camera-equipped vintage Nokia phone.

  2. /pets non-flippy, no-camera, no-nothing $20 vintage Kyocera phone./tells Mr. LT to pet his non-flippy, camera/photo/Palm Pilot with keyboard Treo that work pays for.

  3. I think this may be driven by lack of demand for the product in general. I think people are happy having music devices and cell phones separate.

  4. Heh! I have a flippy phone, but mostly because the non-flippy one kept dialling itself, and after the 911 operator called me back and told me to lock the keys (which they WERE because I saw the "locked" note on the screen before I answered her call), I decided it was time to move with the progress of technology.
    However, I will probably never get an iPhone. I have an iPod (well, two iPods), a digital camera, and a perfectly serviceable flippy non-iPhone. Whatever other fancy crap the iPhone has, I probably can't afford the online access charges to use it anyway. I can wait until I get home to find out who won the ballgame.

  5. Wait til I tell Mr. sKatZ (a.k.a. nerd boy gizmo junkie) HEE HEE! Of course, this probably means he'll be buying more of them…

  6. Actually, I think they are pushing the iPhone pre-Holiday season. They are close to 1M iPhones sold. Not too shabby for the first 2 months. Come to think of it, if you can get the foul taste of dealing with AT&T out of your mouth, then you can front the $175 switch fee and still have $25 left over ($.25 after taxes). Er, something like that.

  7. oh I know what you mean (re: being forced to update to new technology).my "elderly "barely takes the occasional picture" non-flippy Nokia phone" is a replacement to my very first cell phone (another Nokia) which I had for 10 years…I know is a long time, but I'm a very light cell phone user. it is "off" most of the time. at any rate, that one was Analog and when it finally died I found to my dismay that all cell phones are now Digital. meh.I >3ed my Analog phone: I could get a signal anywhere.

  8. Zen Ken sez, I think they are pushing the iPhone pre-Holiday season.that may be it; I also heard a rumor that Apple may come out with a 12GB iPhone with 3G support for Christmas….ZK also sez,…if you can get the foul taste of dealing with AT&T out of your mouththat's a BIG if. and AT&T has been found wanting.

  9. mariser, I agree with you. Why not go up to 16GB? That's what the iPod touch is. :) It is a big IF. 3G support…. still can't use it at work. :(

  10. And I'm petting my vintage, $30/non-camera/non-flip/non-colored/ Kyocera phone, which is probably identical to Lurkertype's.

  11. Well, I have an unfortunate friend who shelled out the $600 bucks to get the iphone the day they came out. I have to say, it is pretty freaking impressive. Especially the internet capabilities. But – that all said – it wasn't 600 dollars impressive. I could get an awesomely fantastic pair of shoes for that afterall!

  12. Yep, mine was supposed to be $30 but there was a sale that day.I use the phone so little that I have the pay-as-you-go plan. I use it to call people when I am not at home. When I'm feeling really wild, I might send a text.Analog phones were teh awesome — the Mr. held onto his Nokia till it just didn't work no mo'.For $600 I could get 10 years' worth of shoes. Or a really crappy old car. Or about 3 years' worth of gourmet organic cat food.

  13. Man, there's a lot of heavy petting going on in here!I have to laugh at the people bitching about the extra $200 they CHOSE to fork over for the iPhone. Apple did NOT twist your arm and make your pull out your wallet and fork over the cash. They just stood there and held a black iPhone baggy as you drooled and paid. Me? I just drooled, but I couldn't justify a phone I can't use at work. >.< Oh, I'd be bitching, too, but not at the level of hysteria some people are getting into. Get OVER it. It's technology. Maybe I should bitch that my dual cassette boombox is outdated. Waaaaaaah it was so much money when I bought, but now its old. Waaaah. STFU. :)No, I won't be stroking my POS Samsung junk phone. Half the time I'd prefer to throw into a brick wall.

  14. heh. maybe September 5 should become a national holiday. something along the lines of "Be Nice to Your Hopelessly Outdated and Still Quite Serviceable Electronics" day. I been poking fun all along, but yeah, nobody forced the Mac fangirls and boys to rush in. and in comparison to amyh, who waited until this year to buy her first DVD player for $50.00, I paid $400.00 for my first DVD player back in 2000 or 2001.( btw, said DVD player was replaced last year by a $50.00 one )

  15. You can just do what my parents do. Wait for me to get annoyed that they don't have a dvd player so we can watch new movies and I end up buying them one for xmas. For them = free. :)If they can get their money back from Apple for their phone, I should be able to get my money back from the Dot Com bubble burst. It's only fair.

  16. The title of this post made me laugh before I even read….and now I'm wiping tears away I've been laughing soooo much! :)

  17. For the love of…, I can't fucking stand 'text messaging.' If I want to have a conversation with someone, I better damn well be hearing their voice, and vice versa.

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