Senator Warner questions General Petraeus

the saddest and most telling moment of the "Petraeus and Crocker dog'n'pony show" so far came yesterday afternoon in this exchange between Senator John Warner (R-Virginia) and General David Petraeus:

JW:  (will) "the current strategy in Iraq make America safer?"

DP:  "I believe that this is indeed the best course of action to achieve our objectives in Iraq."

JW:  "Does that make America safer?"

DP"I don't know, actually. …  [continues]  (for complete exchange see  Slate's article also saved under My Links]



ain't that the truth:  regardless of all the work this administration has done to make them one and the same,  "achieving our objectives in Iraq" (whatever they may be)  does not, and has never equate "making America safe(r)".

so then, General P.  what are we doing there, exactly?

…p'haps you are not the person to ask this question from.   I wonder when Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and George W. Bush have openings in their calendars…


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6 thoughts on “Senator Warner questions General Petraeus

  1. I was also thoroughly nauseated with the exchange between him and Joe Lieberman. Only I really thought the general did a fine job in that event. He refused to acknowledge or provide even a glimmer of indication that there was anything appropriate in that jackass' slobberings over attacking Iran.

  2. I missed the exchange with Lieberman, KatZ. I'd like to see it. as of this morning I could'nt find any tape of the exchanges in YouTube :(

  3. I was listening on NPR as we were driving someplace or another… I think it was probably around 1PM-ish (CT) yesterday? You might find an audio archive of it online.

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