It’s all over now : : Way over yonder in the minor key

no, it's not over, over Calliope No. 8… don't you see it? it's over yonder…

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4 thoughts on “It’s all over now : : Way over yonder in the minor key

  1. I will have to listen up on these. I have been a little sheltered musically lately. I am generally more aware of what is going on but I have been listening to country just because of where I am . I have actually been liking it. I change completely from one year to the next.

  2. do give it a listen. it is one of my favoritest albums. Billy Bragg and the guys from Wilco put some of Woody Guthrie's poems to music and this album (and its follow-up Mermaid avenue II) are the result.

  3. Well, today may just be my day. Mr. Football will be tied up all day so I can sneak off and entertain myself. Thanks mariser.

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