Over at the Frankenstein place : : Over the rainbow

tell me you can see it, Calliope No. 8

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9 thoughts on “Over at the Frankenstein place : : Over the rainbow

  1. Hey, cool! He has an incredible voice — a friend loaned me this CD a while back. I recognized the cover pic right away… I'm commenting before even listening to the music! Thanks for posting this, Mariser!

  2. I'm an idiot, right? I thought so… I think I may have misunderstood the post. Something about the "frankenstein" part stuck in my head, and made me question the appropriateness of my comment, and I've been calling myself an idiot ever since…

  3. uh? you are not an idiot. and I thought your comment was appropriate…..let's back up: you are commenting on the the voice of Iz, right? "Frankenstein" has nothing to do with it. let me try to explain:I posted this to a group, Calliope No. 8. the concept of the group is that someone begins by posting a song and the next person tries to "continue the chain" by posting a song that relates to the previous one in some way (same performer, same album, similar musical style, or by tying the titles). tying the titles is what I did here, by noting that both songs have the word over in the title, "Over at the Frankenstein place" was the previous song so I posted this song, "Over the rainbow". that's alland as a convention and to keep track of the chain, we at the Calliope No. 8 group, title our posts in this convention:previous song [colon colon] current songOver at the Frankenstein place : : Over the rainbowI hope this makes sense, morgat.

  4. I sort of figured out what Calliope was all about. I'm glad you clarified it, m. It's very intriguing and sounds like great fun. I wish I knew enough music to play–terrible at remembering artists' names, titles, etc. :-(

  5. Whoa, this is SO cool, mariser!I have been enjoying the music when I see these, but I didn't realize what the "calliope no. 8" meant!I just went there and read about it! How fun!I am not sure if I will join right now, but it's sure gonna be fun to watch! :)

  6. Always likes this version of the tune, ever since I first heard it in the movie Finding Forrester.

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