arrr, yarrr, er… yarrrr

avast ye scurvy dogs!  erm,  somethingsomething, rape and pillage, hide yer women, yaddayaddayadda, drink yer grog, plunder thy treasure, ….  yarrrrgh!


– banner courtesy of studio254   studio524
– scary  picture courtesy of the piratize yerself widget available at the MySpace site for Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World's End

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11 thoughts on “arrr, yarrr, er… yarrrr

  1. Oh shiver me timbers Mariser! What's 'appened to ye? Retern ye the stolen gold from Cortez's Aztec treasure! Retern it an' lift the curse!

  2. Arrrr.(Off to get some vitamin C for that incipient scurvy — or at least the next rum needs fruit juice, and maybe a little umbrella.)Timbers shivering even as I speak.

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