ad campaigns done right

from PETA's campaign in Britain asking folks to "spay or neuter your pets".


my favorite part of the copy:  "if you're considering adding a dog or cat to your family please adopt from your local rescue shelter."  indeed. 

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14 thoughts on “ad campaigns done right

  1. Huh. Who knew PETA actually does positive things, instead of fire bombing the wrong buildings/people and shrugging it off as collateral damage in 'the greater war'?
    I think this is indeed a good ad. I just happen to hate PETA with every fiber of my being.
    /rude and bitter threadjacking

  2. gah. I knew about ELF (Earth Liberation Front) teh wiki and/or the EarthFirsters! again, teh wiki, being involved in bombings and such attacks, but not PETA, wiki once more, at least not directly.
    of course I'm not in the West, which has been and continues to be the battleground of the environmental and animal rights movement.

  3. To keep from frothing at the mouth with rage, I'll just say – if PETA spent its energy on more campaigns like this instead of promoting violence and spreading misinformation, then they could get so many more things done to help our animal friends.
    My personal history with PETA was back in Michigan. They torched an academic building at Michigan State and then admitted later the targeted professors followed all of PETA's recommended guidelines for humane animal testing. "Whoopsie on us! Tee hee! Sorry about setting on fire all those years of research on fatal communicable diseases in the state's wildlife! We'd rather have animal populations eradicated than have you save them through lab work."
    That's not a verbatim quote, BTW. ;-)
    They also released diseased animals back into the wild. THAT was helpful, especially when they were pretty much domesticated.

  4. Okay – so I can never 'just say' one little thing. *snert*
    I also had a date in the last few months with someone who was a big PETA person. In my defense, that came up in conversation during the date. I asked him about animal shelters and adoption. He said those were useless and a waste of time and money. He kept talking about 'the war' and if innocent people get hurt, it's all part of the greater cause. He never could articulate what the war was or what it was supposed to accomplish.
    We didn't go out again.

  5. Yes ma'am, Mrs. ABC ;)Sorry to hear about the date from hell, Amy. Love how PETA strives to make all animals equal, but they don't mind the killing of Man (one of the animal equals) in the process.

  6. I wonder if PETA UK has a different war…er, MISSION statement than the US chapters.I've never gotten PETA. I support several animal rescue orgs but PETA just seems to get it all wrong. Chip-on-the-shoulder negative blind bomblasting regardless even of the animals they impact. Just don't get it…

  7. whoa amy. those are some horrifying experiences.I have truly never associated PETA with attacks on buildings and researchers. I thought that was the domain of ELF and EarthFirst!. I haven't even met a militant PETAist (as your dismal date was). there is a name for the rationale that " if innocent people get hurt, it's all part of the greater cause", and it is fascism.I know PETA from their "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaign and ads that call attention to the dismal conditions of most "factory farms"; awareness of and education on these issues are good things to strive for. perhaps (and this may be wishful thinking in my part), PETA has realized the wrongness of some of their actions and are now emphasizing thoughtfulness and responsibility in our stewardship of non-human animals, be it by spaying and neutering our pets, by adopting from shelters, by supporting responsible and humane farming practices, by demanding justification and accountability from animal research. and if PETA doesn't, we should.

  8. Loves the new banner, mariser!! Someone sitting next to me on the train ride home was watching that. Oh wait. PETA. Right. Um.Nice ad?

  9. Mariser – I have seen PETA take on a few issues lately in a calm, rational and accurately factual manner, which gives me hope that they are figuring out brute force is not the answer. Making more enemies than friends has never been a successful diplomatic strategy.
    If that is the road they are now taking, they have a ton of work to do to change their image with voters like me. The spay/neuter campaign is an easy way to get back into good graces.
    But it's like a jerk boyfriend giving you flowers and saying nice things. You hope the change of heart is permanent but wait and see if he reverts back to the original irritating behavior.
    I'm staying tuned and yes, hoping for the best – because they COULD do great things if they stop their old ways.

  10. zenk,glad you like the banner. dunno what the guy next to you in the train thought… maybe that he shouldn't look over your shoulder.the current banner and a few more were made by your fellow September baby, valerae; check them out!

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