happy (almost belated) birthday Val!

first off, if I had any PhotoChop skills, this would read "…Goddess"

a couple of cards in the metal spirit:                      

just because it fucking rocks

have a great 27th birthday Val !

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10 thoughts on “happy (almost belated) birthday Val!

  1. oh, but look! isn't devil-baby making a similar hand-gesture? i'm sure val came out of the womb looking much like that… ha ha!

  2. ;)indeed. instead of umbilical cord, headphone cord. any discerning music fan knows that cordless headphones are the 'meh'

  3. yes, with the big completely over the ear cans, old skool.raaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwk! on with your bad self, Val.

  4. Mariser, you are teh awesome! You guys are hilarious. :-)And so you know, I destroyed my bedroom at age 4 after seeing Madonna destroy a room on MTV. Even then I was hardcore.

  5. zenk, happy belated birthday! let's do this. val can have the rock chick card and you can get the wicked baby one. ;P

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