fqotd – annoying cooks

fQotD which of the celebrity cooks is the annoyingest [most annoying]

A – it has to be a toss-up between these two:

insufferable, both of them

Mr. IG (see comments), calls Rachael Ray "the grinning chipmunk".  how right he is.  righter than he thinks

below, the thing that shall haunt mr. IG's dreams henceforth:

the  Raymunk!!!

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Gallery of the absurd, an awesome website which I've been meaning to talk about for a long long time.  Gallery of the Absurd is brought forth by the fabulous artist, 14.  

please check her out.  teh best.

edit 09/27/2007@1055:  added Raymunk, links to GotA

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22 thoughts on “fqotd – annoying cooks

  1. YAY! Awesome fQotD! And awesome answer. I couldn't choose between those two either. Mr. IG calls RR the Giggling Chipmunk. And he leaves the room if I even pause the TV at Emeril.

  2. I have never watched Emeril or tried his recipes. His commercials are annoying and so are people saying wham or whatever while they cook on sitcoms.
    RR cannot cook. We figured that she was really popular because her recipes were great, so we got one of her cookbooks. We have tried a few things out of there, and none of them have been good. Since then I have seen her show and thought what the heck is she mixing together, that will be disgusting. At the end of the show she took a bite and kind of winced and then said it was good. She must be famous because she is kinda cute, well until she starts talking.

  3. She did that $40 a day city thing and that's all fine and good but it doesn't mean she can cook. Not any better than anyone else I don't think.Emeril can obviously cook but he is a pain in the tookus to watch for any extended period of time. He plays that big-malook role up way too much. Bam yourself.

  4. Emeril was unique and entertaining for about 15 minutes. It's all been downhill since. Myke cannot stand him. Rachel Ray is just plain annoying. "The grinning chipmunk" LOL

  5. My problem with Emeril is not him so much as it is his audience. They practically orgasm every time he throws a little spice in the pot. People, get a grip. It's just hot sauce.

  6. Dan' Aykroyd's Julia Child will always be my favorite TV chef.Martin Yan taught me how to cook rice the one and only time I saw his show. Then he was a judge on Iron Chef America (Mr. sKz's addiction) and I admired him anew. But I still don't watch cooking shows on purpose.Rachel Ray – ACK! She's even more annoying that I am! Emeril makes my ears hurt.

  7. I love Alton Brown (the geek in me, I guess…), and I can tolerate Giada de Laurentiis and Michael Chiarello, because their food is good.
    But I simply CANNOT watch Emeril (whose recipes do work, though) and Rachael Ray (whose don't – but then, she claims never to measure anything, so what would you expect?). Martha Stewart rubs me the wrong way too, but her Empire does turn up some decent recipes and projects from time to time, and I know that they're from Staff, not necessarily Ms. Stewart herself.
    [Of course, I'm also enough of a studio brat to realize that any celebrity – or polititian, for that matter – is mostly an attractive front for a huge team of back-stage and behind-the-camera folks working their tails off to make the front guy or gal look as good as possible. Check out the episode of Good Eats about the making of Good Eats; it's pretty thorough about how many different people it takes to do 'just' a half-hour cooking show – and shows how some of the stunts and special effects are done.]
    But for all-time sheer awfulness, hands down, it's Sandra Lee of Semi-Homemade. First of all, anybody who cooks uses a bag of salad, mooshed corn flakes, or some other convenience food or ingredient from time to time. But to focus a whole cooking show around tying bagged and boxed stuff together with a small amount of fresh… blech… It's a stupid concept from the get-go. Her on-screen personality is unctuous, condescending, and insincere, and almost none of the food or drink appears to be edible.
    But I think the worst thing, as far as I'm concerned, is how the set (basically white) and her clothes are re-dressed and color- and theme-coordinated to her 'tablescape' for every show…

  8. Ah yes, Miss Perky Gone Mad.She was almost okay for about fifteen minutes of the first $40/day show.And, honestly, in the early shows she looked like a regular person.The cooking shows are all cooking for noncooks, and the food is basically crap.Emeril was actually a cook, but is now a brand name.And he's too damn loud, and makes unhealthy choices.Dan Aykroyd's Julia Child is a classic for the ages, as was Julia herself.

  9. Lauowolf you could do a cooking show. I'm remembering your sauce post. (Aug. 7, I checked) droolyumdroolslurp.I've heard of all these chefs and shows but I don't watch much tv so can't really comment. We had a locally well known chef living next door for awhile. Unfriendly, testy, and unscrupulous to the people he sold his house to. Not sure what that means.The movie Ratatouille was kinda cute btw.

  10. Ah, Rachel Ray: Between her sickeningly cute ("grinning chipmunk" is a totally accurate description) face and her endless chirpy banter, sometimes I think I just want to punch her in her little Chicklet teeth.The Dunkin' Donuts commercials only made it worse. If you don't live in an area where Dunkin' Donuts is well known, count yourself lucky that you haven't seen the Dunkin' commercials featuring Rachel Ray.

  11. She was going to be my choice after RR, but she's not everywhere like her, so she's not quite as annoying. I hate the premise of her show, and her "Chefography" was a joke. Yes, I'm a snob, but jebus, she's useless.
    I'm totally loving the "Best Recipes in the World" show with Mark Bittman on PBS – I want to be his assistant or something, but since he's The Minimalist, I doubt he has one. Drat.

  12. I haven't seen this commercial but there's nary a Dunkie's anywhere convenient in Dallas (in RI they are delightfully ubiquitous.) Odd that they would have chosen such a smarmy marmot like Ray to hawk their coffee.Poor Fred the Baker must be rollin' in his grave.

  13. You should check out the TV chefs in the UK, you could have a field day. Heston Blumenthal gets me you can only cook his reciepes if you have access to a full equiped lab.

  14. I think Emeril is manic-depressive and RR is on some drug that would make her much richer than her cooking.

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