[this is just a warm-up]

NaBloPoMo (NAtional BLOg POsting MOnth) does not begin until tomorrow.

and what is NaBloPoMo?   simply put, during the month of November post something to your blog every day.  that's it.
do note that "everyday" includes weekends and holidays.  to complete NaBloPoMo successfully you must have at least 30 posts, one for each day in November  (more posts is fine). 

so to prepare, I went to the official NaBloPoMo site,  tons of fun things to do there.  you can:

join NaBloPoMo   (requires a Ning ID )
– enter your blog in the NaBloPoMo Blogroll
– get yerself some nifty NaBloPoMo badges

join forums, upload pictures, more stuff…

note:  of course you don't need to join teh offishal NaBloPoMo to participate; 

joining just makes it more… official. 

the astute may note more-than-a-passing-resemblance
between the fellow in the NaBloPoMo badges and  happicat of ICHC fame

they'd be correct.

edit 10/31/2007 @1910  – added note

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the Goulet threat level goes dark

so sorry, W.B. Mook

Robert Goulet died today, he was on the waiting list for a lung transplant…

from YouTube  here is a young "height of his powers" Goulet  (with Barbara Cook)

 a "mature, seasoned" Goulet

and to see another side of this multi-faceted perfomer, check out the series of ads Goulet did for ESPN, compiled for your viewing at  tonyontheweb at youtube

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In Memoriam Lisa Crawford Moore

October 4, 2007, Lisa Crawford Moore died.  she was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999.

it all happened in the comics page:

I never followed the Funky Winterbean (FW) comic strip.  it is not run in the local paper, I became acquainted with it via The Comics Curmudgeon blog.
back in late Spring FW began a story arc in which the character Lisa Crawford Moore who first battled breast cancer in 1999 (click here to read: scroll down to "Lisa's story"), finds cancer has returned and her odds are not good.  the entire sequence of strips can be read at  the Stuck Funky blog.  the story arc and its denouement touched enough of a nerve as to warrant notice in the New York Times and many others in both old and new media.   it also brought out many heartfelt comments and remembrances from cancer survivors and their relatives

and here a confession:  as maudlin as it was in places, as unrealistic it was in others, as infuriating in even more, several of the strips made me cry.  cancer is, as anyone who's been through it or watched loved ones do, hell.   and kudos to FW's creator,  Tom Batiuk, for attempting, however flawledly *, to bring the topics of cancer, death, and quality-of-life-decisions to the comics page.   these are, after all issues that will touch and affect millions of us each year. 

* "flawledly" is not a word, is it?  

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for daddies and their little girls

and mommies and their little boys
and daddies and their little boys
and mommies and their little girls

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QotD: Blog Action Day – The Environment – addendum

Today is Blog Action Day!  Take action by posting about the environment in your own way.

durr…  I'm such a space cadet, I forgot to mention the one thing we've done this year that should have a pretty significant environmental impact:  we * replaced our water heater with one of these tankless, hot-water-on-demand beauties

we didn't exactly it do it by choice – our water heater died and needed replaced anyway.  the tankless costs about double what a regular water heater costs ( ~$600 vs. ~$300) but there is a $300 federal tax rebate, so it comes out about the same.    according to the literature we can expect savings of ~ 15% in water-heating costs (about $100/year),  but the important part is that we won't be wasting energy by keeping water hot while is not being used.

* and to be truthful, where I write "we", please read teh SO, who did all the actual work/lifting/hooking-up.  my share of the work was helping to decide what to buy.

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QotD: Blog Action Day – The Environment

Today is Blog Action Day!  Take action by posting about the environment in your own way.

probably the thing I do that has the biggest positive action on the environment is that I don't buy the paper or subscribe to magazines.  I read the paper online and get all my news from teh internet tubes.

thanks Al Gore!                    thanks Ted Stevens!

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WTF – really, What. The. Fuck.

I don't much pay attention to the ads served by Google in my VOX pages   (shhhhh! don't tell the VOX overlords)
occasionally neighbors will comment on ads that have popped up which are weirdly (ir)relevant to posts, but I hadn't noticed anything like that in mine.

'til today.

a couple of days ago I posted about a US House committee voting to name the Armenian genocide "genocide"

today, I see this ad:

say it with me, my people:

What The Fuck  ?

what can an "Armenian Genocide Ringtone" possibly be?

I sure don't want to know

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