o hai

hai you guyses.

been out of commission for a while and I am now slowly rejoining the world.  no chance of catching up with the hundreds and hundreds of posts I've missed this last week, so let me say sorries for missing a ton of birthday celebrations, pageantry, and tomfoolery.

to IG, arbed, laurie, auntiem, hrt, (…)  happy belated birthday wishes!

good to be back, even if not fulltime (yet)

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11 thoughts on “o hai

  1. well there you are! been wonderin' – good to see you again and thanks for the birthday wishes :-)hope all is well – take care

  2. I know you've been busy with Dr. Pepper and life and stuff.Good to see you back — I just took a look at your Mii an hour or so ago!

  3. I was wondering about you too! I was off yesterday so am only seeing this now. welcome back M! congrats on the New Addition!

  4. It's great to see you here again, mariser! I was getting worried there…. and missed you.

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