WTF – really, What. The. Fuck.

I don't much pay attention to the ads served by Google in my VOX pages   (shhhhh! don't tell the VOX overlords)
occasionally neighbors will comment on ads that have popped up which are weirdly (ir)relevant to posts, but I hadn't noticed anything like that in mine.

'til today.

a couple of days ago I posted about a US House committee voting to name the Armenian genocide "genocide"

today, I see this ad:

say it with me, my people:

What The Fuck  ?

what can an "Armenian Genocide Ringtone" possibly be?

I sure don't want to know

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14 thoughts on “WTF – really, What. The. Fuck.

  1. someone. go to a public computer and click on it. just in case it puts bad things on your computer. then everyone around you can join in and say what the fuck. beyond odd.

  2. weels, I clicked on the ad. luckily I didn't explode or nothing…I was taken to this site: is nothing there, just somebody selling ringtones. obvy all that is happening is that is generating an "after /" based on keywords, so "/armenian-genocide.htm"but damned if that ain't in bad taste. cranky, I haven't seen the "Armenian genocide jewelry in eBay" ad yet. I wonder…

  3. Yowza… mine always seems to be Netflix. Haven't seen anything else yet. Makes me want to write some crazy post just to see what it does though.:)

  4. Crap.That just sucks!Well, I was searching for bird books on Amazon and under my account it said "You might also be interested in fighting gum disease."Do they know something I don't?

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