QotD: Blog Action Day – The Environment

Today is Blog Action Day!  Take action by posting about the environment in your own way.

probably the thing I do that has the biggest positive action on the environment is that I don't buy the paper or subscribe to magazines.  I read the paper online and get all my news from teh internet tubes.

thanks Al Gore!                    thanks Ted Stevens!

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5 thoughts on “QotD: Blog Action Day – The Environment

  1. I don't get the newspaper either. And until three months ago I'd cancelled all my magazine subscriptions. But then I fell off the wagon…I'm getting a few magazines again. Because you just can't bring your laptop into the potty. Oops. I mean the bathtub. Yeah. That's it. :-P

  2. Because you just can't bring your laptop into the potty…you can't? … I guess I didn't need to get a laptop then…;Pshteriously, even without any magazine subscriptions, I still get enough catalogs etc. that I have reading material for the pot… erm, bathtub.

  3. I know, really! I fill out those "stop sending me all this goddamn junkmail" forms every two years. And it works for a while – no junkmail. And then it starts up again. WTF.

  4. I take all my newspapers and magazines to the church where they are recycled through a program where the money goes to a hunger fund. Can't remember which program, but at least my papers are doing good work at the not-so-end-of-their-lives.
    I also use my printer paper twice here in the office, either to go back through the printer or as scrap paper.

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