In Memoriam Lisa Crawford Moore

October 4, 2007, Lisa Crawford Moore died.  she was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999.

it all happened in the comics page:

I never followed the Funky Winterbean (FW) comic strip.  it is not run in the local paper, I became acquainted with it via The Comics Curmudgeon blog.
back in late Spring FW began a story arc in which the character Lisa Crawford Moore who first battled breast cancer in 1999 (click here to read: scroll down to "Lisa's story"), finds cancer has returned and her odds are not good.  the entire sequence of strips can be read at  the Stuck Funky blog.  the story arc and its denouement touched enough of a nerve as to warrant notice in the New York Times and many others in both old and new media.   it also brought out many heartfelt comments and remembrances from cancer survivors and their relatives

and here a confession:  as maudlin as it was in places, as unrealistic it was in others, as infuriating in even more, several of the strips made me cry.  cancer is, as anyone who's been through it or watched loved ones do, hell.   and kudos to FW's creator,  Tom Batiuk, for attempting, however flawledly *, to bring the topics of cancer, death, and quality-of-life-decisions to the comics page.   these are, after all issues that will touch and affect millions of us each year. 

* "flawledly" is not a word, is it?  

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3 thoughts on “In Memoriam Lisa Crawford Moore

  1. Wow. I remember at some point, maybe in the early 90s, Funky Winkerbean kinda "grew up" and took on issues. But I don't really read the papers or follow comic strips these days. Interesting. And, of course, very sad.

  2. I used to follow that strip when we got the paper that carried it. Sad though. A character from Rudy Park died earlier this year. It's weird how characters are killed off sometimes

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