the “so-you-are-skinny-well-I’m-drunk-so-fuck-you” food pyramid

I saw this version of the food pyramid in Jezebel and knew immediately I had to save it for posterity:

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34 thoughts on “the “so-you-are-skinny-well-I’m-drunk-so-fuck-you” food pyramid

  1. Jager is at the top? Hooo. It's been a long time since I've made it up that far, but I guess I'll do a few shots now and then to stay balanced.

  2. PTSD, eh? is this going to turn into a date-from-hell-story?[threadjack]your little green ghostie avatar funniest evar. [/threadjack]

  3. nonononono. Jager is not superior to anything. its position just indicates the [high] level of drunk you must achieve to drink it. capisce?Maker's rulez – a Maker's Manhattan doublerulez!

  4. SweetM, Jager is a German liqueur, that for some reason that eludes me has become the drink of choice to do shots of at the bar.

  5. Ha, no. No date from hell story, although I did drink a lot of Jager during the Dark Period – the time between my nuptials and my divorce. I must have wanted to pile on the misery. :-)
    Thanks for liking my Wino Ghost! I took him off of a birthday card.

  6. Jägermeister (literally "Master Hunter") is a German liqueur that is most often served ice-cold as shots. It has flavr along the lines of a licoricey Vick's cough syrup that may have gotten a few specks of clove or nutmeg dropped in. It's not a sipping drink by any means, and is usually the means only to a very, very besotted end.I'll take the Maker's any day. Or anything else for that matter.

  7. AmyH, whåtever dö yøu mêan? :PHée hée.I have a Mac, so I use the Option key but I think the Alt does the same on PCs. I type Option-u to key the umlaut up and then hit the letter "a" to put it over it. You can only put it over vowels, I guess. Option-i gives a tilde, option-o a slash thing, option-e an ague, option-a a little circle (whatever that means).Håve fün!

  8. I just tried it and I think I launched a nuclear attack. Whoops. o_O
    I'll have to play around with it later and see if I can make all the fun symbols. In word, I have to do the 'insert symbol' thing and I'm too lazy to cut and paste into Vox. Thanks for the tips! Whee!

  9. Ah Windows is not so nice. If you have the standard keyboard drivers
    installed, you can use the alt codes. Which mean you hold the alt key
    down and type a 3 or 4 digit number on the keypad. Not the number row.Example:alt 2 3 4 gets Ωalt 2 4 8 gets °Checkout Alt Codes

  10. ü
    OOOH! I did it!!!! Even though that code table makes my head spin. Whoa.
    *bows to Lord Kalvan*
    Thanks, Lord K! And thanks Mariser for allowing this very informative threadjack on your very informative post about the Booze Pyramid.

  11. u r welcome. the best discussions, both here and IRL are made of threadjacks. talking of which, thanks for linking to the original of your little avatar. it is sooo tiny here and/or my eyesight is so bad, that I never noticed s/he was holding (wine) bottles… in my twisted mind, I saw a couple of AKA-47s. I thought your little guy was getting ready to start LA REVOLUCION!!

  12. I thought it was a little green R2D2 critter holding weapons too.Didn't bother me any.So they are bottles?And who is the little green dude?

  13. [this is merely fueling my skinny resentment] I thought they were tommy guns, myself. Let us embrace in our wish for world domination and pretend that one wee arms holds a bottle of merlot, and the other a 'Chicago Typewriter'.
    For me, SFY replaces SFU. Easily.

  14. Looks all Shifty Eyed….. (I Loves Jager)
    Susch a yummy pyramid (Obvi had too musch to drink Hic)

  15. stephel sez, Where's the chocolate?an obvious shortcoming. I hope a new improved "booze + chocolate pyramid" is developed soon.

  16. Jager is pretty potent (along with Goldschlager and Everclear.. fellows to tempt fate with). I might have to side with Goldschlager. I'm drinking little flecks of gold while my insides turn to Jell-O™. Of course, you can just start at the top of the pyramid and fall all the way down to the drunky bottom.

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