the Goulet threat level goes dark

so sorry, W.B. Mook

Robert Goulet died today, he was on the waiting list for a lung transplant…

from YouTube  here is a young "height of his powers" Goulet  (with Barbara Cook)

 a "mature, seasoned" Goulet

and to see another side of this multi-faceted perfomer, check out the series of ads Goulet did for ESPN, compiled for your viewing at  tonyontheweb at youtube

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10 thoughts on “the Goulet threat level goes dark

  1. It's very sad. I was reading that lung transplants are usually very successful, too. Wasn't he in Beetlejuice, too?
    RIP, Mr. G.

  2. I heard last night– such a shame. Now I'm not sure if the Goulet Threat level is in poor taste or actually just a fun tongue-in-cheek tribute to a great entertainer.

  3. I, for one, enjoyed the GTL – and I'd like to believe Mr. G would have liked it I vote for tribute.cp, yeah it's interesting that lung transplants are as successful as they are, as they seem very involved. shame there weren't any donor lungs available.[soapbox]kids, remember to sign the back of your driver's license (in most states) to be an organ donor! [/soapbox]

  4. Since I'm a music chick, I was always so impressed with his beautiful powerful voice & range. I saw him on stage in Camelot & he was brilliant. The angel choir has an awesome new member. God bless you Robert, & comfort your family & friends during this difficult time. Amen.

  5. If I wasn't using my lung right now, I would. But it'll have to wait until they cash in my donor card (after I perish, that is).

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