[this is just a warm-up]

NaBloPoMo (NAtional BLOg POsting MOnth) does not begin until tomorrow.

and what is NaBloPoMo?   simply put, during the month of November post something to your blog every day.  that's it.
do note that "everyday" includes weekends and holidays.  to complete NaBloPoMo successfully you must have at least 30 posts, one for each day in November  (more posts is fine). 

so to prepare, I went to the official NaBloPoMo site,  tons of fun things to do there.  you can:

join NaBloPoMo   (requires a Ning ID )
– enter your blog in the NaBloPoMo Blogroll
– get yerself some nifty NaBloPoMo badges

join forums, upload pictures, more stuff…

note:  of course you don't need to join teh offishal NaBloPoMo to participate; 

joining just makes it more… official. 

the astute may note more-than-a-passing-resemblance
between the fellow in the NaBloPoMo badges and  happicat of ICHC fame

they'd be correct.

edit 10/31/2007 @1910  – added note

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16 thoughts on “[this is just a warm-up]

  1. Sounds like fun, but I know I couldn't keep it up.(We are having fun, fun, fun, with college application time!)

  2. auntiem, it was a lot of fun last year, I hope is the same this year. of course, if you want to really overdo it, do both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo…webcruiser, the more the better! and thanks for the congrats. I think DB commented a few times on that post.lauo, the-college-admissions-tango, eh? my conmiserations.

  3. Do I have to post every day next month if I already did so this month? Because I don't think I can deal with another month of daily posts.

  4. Okay, I went to sign up, and as I was putting in my info for the Ning ID, it said right under the Full Name field that "this name is displayed all across the network."
    I don't particularly want my full name displayed anywhere.
    Why do they ask you to create an ID if they're just going to put your full name everywhere?
    Can I put a phony name down instead?

  5. hotrod, I think you and jody can be excused…since you guys have been having your own challenges back and forth.you are of course, free to cheer us participants on and make fun of us when we fail.

  6. uh? that's a bit odd.when I signed up to ning, it didn't even ask for my full name.I just now checked My Account (ning calls it "My Details") and under "name" I just have mariser auntiem, perhaps the full name is an option? I know here in VOX there is an option to have your full name searchable and stuff, but one doesn't have to do it.and in answer to your question, yeah, I'd put a phony name if it was forcing me to put a full name.Meg's CuteCast (the cute video channel) is also run on ning.anyone else have any ideas?

  7. This sounds like fun, a challenge, a slacker's delite! Oh, this will definitely test the limits of my sly-time at work.

  8. Well, that was more complicated than it needed to be, but I am now officially registered.Maybe I can figure out how to use my NaBloPoMo as the basis for my NaNoWriMo…

  9. I signed up yesterday and also got that same line that AM mentioned. I just used arbed, same as always, and it "took". My only problem was getting the referral widget working in my sidebar, but I'll try again another day.

  10. Is there a quicker way to post both to NaBloPoMo and Vox at the same time – like crossposting? Or, did you just have to post to both on their own?

  11. I signed up just now, probably it's too late, but I did post yesterday anyway.I can't figure out the technicalities of it, though. Is there anything I have to do apart from joining, and uploading the happicat logo to each of my November posts?I admit, the reason I joined is so I can have the happicat on my posts.

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