Jury Awards Father $2.9 Million in Funeral Protesters Case – washingtonpost.com

NOTE:  stolen from the handsome and fabulous Felipe Anuel.  I was so excited to find out, I had to post it again

for those who do not read the entire article, the "Funeral Protesters" referred to are no other that Westboro Baptist Church, best known as the base of operations of Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps.  NOTE:  please don't click on the link  – it is vile and disgusting.  is just there for reference.   if you wish to find information on Westboro Baptist Church you are way better off by checking teh wiki article or this wiki article on Fred Phelps

Fred Phelps and his minions are about the most despicable sorry-ass fuckers I've ever heard about.  the worst thing I can hope of them is that they end up in the same hell to where they have consigned those of us who disagree with them.

more news articles on the Jury award against Westboro are here

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16 thoughts on “Jury Awards Father $2.9 Million in Funeral Protesters Case – washingtonpost.com

  1. I heard about this yesterday and it's the best news in years. Too bad "legislators" like this don't spend their energy stopping these sorts of shitheads instead of denying humane rights to people who just want to live and love peacefully and take care of each other.

  2. Funny, I was going to post something about that organization. Thanks for beating me to it! =) Those are the type of people that should be over in Iraq

  3. 'bout time something like this happened to them, but then again, it'll just give them more ammo, most likely.

  4. stephel, please go ahead and blog about them. the more the merrier!(as you can see, I got this from Felipe Anuel's blog) – so he did beat me to it. but I don't care. ;P

  5. Did you see the documentary/ long interview with the Phelps family by a British reporter? Please hold, I think it's on-line.Here's an article on it. Still searching for video…It was in several parts but there's a notice that the rest were removed for copyright problems. Pity, because it should be shared in full. It's necessary to keep friends close and enemies closer, after all.

  6. Protecting and standing up for the first ammendment is one thing. But the actions of this group are entirely another.
    "The jury ordered the pastor and two other church members — his daughters, Shirley L. Phelps-Roper and Rebekah L. Phelps-Davis — to pay $8 million in punitive damages and $2.9 million in compensatory damages. "

  7. The wonderful Louis Theroux interviewed in that article did do a great documentary on these nutters which aired in the UK a while ago. He does this nifty trick of being a naive narrator and basically gives people enough rope to hang themselves – and boy did they hang themselves! They came across as utterly repulsive so it's nice to hear that they've had some comeuppance.

  8. What's really sad is that so many people look at these nutters and decide that it means all of us Christians are hate-mongers and kooks.
    I believe in free speech, too, but there is a line at which "free speech" becomes "harassment" and should no longer be protected.

  9. there are many many many Christians who are appalled at the behavior of Fred Phelps and his group. I think most of us realize that Fred and co. are a fringe group of extremist who in no way represent Christians.

  10. It's a shame they are allowed to use the term "Christian". Jesus himself would kick some of those fuckers' asses for them.

  11. Sorry I'm way late to the party, M. But I'm doing my best to play a little "catch-up," if I may borrow the term from Bill Lumbergh.

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